Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good news and Bad News

OK! Let's do the good news first. It's almost SHOW TIME! Yeah! I am going my best to get my beads strung into sets and otherwise ready for the show this weekend. It is Berks Bead Bazaar... it you are interested in joining us :-)
There are trays all over my house right now. This photo shows all new work.
In other news, we have 2 very wonderful entries into the Complimentary Section of the color challenge! Yay! I will show them off soon!

And the bad news... My kiln is broken :-( Here are the decal pieces I was firing on Monday. They didn't work out very well. The kiln never reached temperature and I believe it was because my elements wore out. They were over due to wear out. I have been expecting it for a while, and then I forgot about it-- so now they broke. That's what happens :-) I really hope to get the kiln repaired soon after the show this weekend... and play with some more decals left over from the workshop.
So today I am busy busy getting this show business set up. As Soon as I have everything organized I will have to dig out the price tags. There is a lot of stuff to pull together :-)


  1. These are wonderful! I love them all and want one of each!!!You'll have a sell out show:D Enjoy!

  2. Your beads are gorgeous, so earthy and rustic. Have a great show!

  3. Your beads look great! Glad you got them in and out of the kiln before the elements went.

  4. Thats a bit of a bummer..glad everything was completed with the exception of a few before it went for a you know what. :D

    Good luck at the show! Hope you do well!

  5. Whew! When you posted on FB that your kiln hadn't turned off all night, I thought "Oh no! Burned beads!" Course, I don't even know if you can burn a bead, lol;) But I'm glad nothing tragic happened to the vast majority of your lovlies;)

  6. Sorry to hear about your kiln!
    I hope you are so profitable at the show that you can buy 2 new kilns!
    Love the bead sets, they are very earthy and lovely.

  7. Thanks For the encouragement everyone! I am glad the snow stopped in time for the show!


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