Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Look What Staci Made! And what's new?

I love it!
I made the Flower-cupish bead at center.
Staci bezeled a fossil for the bottom part of the focal.  She's so super fancy!
Check out Staci's Blog here

I'm been a busy bead maker this past few weeks.  My birthday sale was a much bigger success than I imagined it would be and so was my last trunk show and so I have been a very busy bead maker.  I fired the kiln again yesterday and made a bunch of new disc beads for Heather Power's Bead Cruise.  I also have my next Trunk show lined up in Kansas City, Missouri....   because I'm taking myself and my daughter's to Kansas City for Easter and why not schedule my next trunk show to be picked up in person???  Yes!  Why the heck not? 

Next I should schedule a trunk show in the Portland area I think...  Why the heck not?  I'm sending myself on a vacation to see my great friend Debra.  Because I love her and I miss her.  And I don't let many people close to me and she is very close to me.... yet very far--- Eugene Oregon to my Philly burbs far.

I can't really believe how busy my spring is with travel and camping trips.  I haven't been on a vacation in 2 years and now I'm going on 2 vacations and 2 camping trips before June!  I am very excited, yet very nervous that I'm not going to be able to handle my workload with all this fun.  --And be the awesome momma my kids deserve at the same time.
I am 99.99% sure that these little hearts are in the current issue of Stringing Magazine..... I have seen a photo of the layout online and I have been told by a customer that they saw the earrings in the Magazine, but I have not yet seen a copy or received my earrings back in the mail.  I think that there is even a second pair of earrings in the issue that I designed... but these things get fuzzy for me, as they happen so far in advance and I don't usually contribute very often.   So... once I get a copy, I'll do a little "fancy like in the magazines" post.

So all the beads in this post are in my etsy shop as of this moment and more new pieces not pictured.... and soon I will add things from yesterday's firing...  As soon as I pick out pieces for the Bead cruise and for my greedy little self!
Oh yeah!  I get to go to the Berks Bead Bazaar in Reading this weekend with my girlie Staci and squeeze some hugs out of Joan Miller and Lisa Peters!  Watch out ladies!  I'm gonna get you!  It's been too long!

Monday, February 14, 2011

BOC--Second Saturday State of your Studio

So-- yesterday was my birthday!  I had a blast!  My mom came over with 2 cakes.  2!  We ate sugary deliciousness after lunch and then I got back to work making some beads, and pendants, and a button or two... and something just for my enjoyment-- little barrettes!  Whooo hoo!  I LOVE my little barrettes!  I haven't made them in quite a few years.  I used to joke around. I love them so much that I would never offer them for sale.  They are perfect!  I used to say that only people I REALLY liked could have them.  yep, I'm not very nice sometimes   ;-)
This lovely lady hangs around with me in the studio.  It's a birthday card that my mom gave me a few years back.  I just love her!   She says "You're just starting to Blossom" 

This was the shipping situation this morning after some clean up.  I always seem to spill over onto the floor as well. 

I am sorry to be so Fast!  It seems to be the way.  If I'm not super fast blogging in a stolen minute, then I'm not blogging at all. I really wanted to add my studio post.  I think this is my 3rd month in a row. 
You can play along too!  You don't have to make clay beads to add your link to the blog!

While I'm talking about Beads-of-Clay---- there is going to be another Open Studio Blog event at the beginning of March.  As usual, something will probably come up and I will have to pre-schedule my posts again, but.... look forward to all the participants holding special sales and giveaways!  --- I will add a button to my blog, as soon as I can find a minute.

As for now, I'm off for a kindergarten Valentine's Day party!  Sugar!  Pink!  Whoo Hoo!  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Chance for my SALE! 31% off!

I'm just adding a quick post to let you know that this is the last chance to shop my Etsy Birthday sale. I added all this and more to my etsy shop this weekend. Some of it is already gone, but some of it was just added a few minutes ago.

Use coupon Code 31YEARSYOUNG to get 31% off your purchase.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday SALE!

It's my birthday on Sunday and I'm having a sale to celebrate!  Sales are fun!
I am really excited about the year ahead of me.  Things really turned around for me in the second half of the past year, and I'm really happy. 
Here's the sale part.  Use coupon code 31YEARSYOUNG and get 31% off your purchase this weekend. 
As long as things are selling, I will continue to trickle new items into my etsy shop over the course of the weekend.  Quite a few people already noticed my sale and I thank you!   If you want, you can purchase items through out the weekend and pay at the end....   I would like to mail any new orders out on Monday.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Contemplating things about my business this week.
Thinking on a new project- don't know where I found the energy for all the scheming, but I'm happy for it.
Ideas, plans, talking with friends-- if it goes nowhere, so what!  The scheming is dreamy, the doing is grand.  I'm not in a rush.  Enjoy
Planning a trip, too.
Spring is in the air, drip drop, thawing.  I saw some fresh green in a moss today.  The light is brighter.
Anyway-- I found this in the bottom of a warm kiln this morning.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trunk Show at The Bead Garden!

I set up a trunk show at The Bead Garden in Havertown, PA yesterday!  What a great shop!  I could not believe how much great inventory Leslie has in her store. There was lots of activity when I was there too!  Fun place! 
I left a small display of beautiful jewelry made by GREAT ladies like Carol Dean Sharpe (Sandfibers), Staci Smith (Staci Louise Originals) and yours truly...
  I included tons of charm sets in the show.

and lots of smokefire,
and hearts and pendants and cabochons of course!
I wish I had better photos for you.  My camera has been acting really poorly lately.  It just hasn't been the same since my trip across the country last spring.  I guess my next purchase will be a new camera,  Do you have any suggestions for a good one? I would really love to know your experiences! I have really enjoyed my Nikon Coolpix for the past *cough* 7 or 8 years :-) 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fancy Like in the Magazines- and the winner is....!

So... I'm so fancy.  You know, fancy like in the magazines :-)
Bead Unique featured my beads in the gallery section of the current issue.
So fancy!  and it's a really good issue!  You know, sometimes I just don't like the projects in some magazines in every issue.  This one I do!   SO there!  Good ONE Bead Unique!
Some cool folks like Diana Ptaszynski (Suburban Girl Studios) and Diane Hawkey have their work in this issue too!
That's my blue pendant in the bottom corner there :-)

So Who won already?
The winner is Shannon C!  Who Hoo!
She said--
For My Sweet Daughter said...

What a lucky girl! I would love, love, love a copy of bead unique. $ is tight and magazines are def. not in the budget right now!

Shannon C 

Hey Shannon--- send me a quick note with your address and I'll get it out to you ASAP!
Thanks to everyone who entered! 
Look for some fun stuff coming up in the next weeks since it will be my birthday soon and that also corresponds with my etsy anniversary....

Also, I had my 600th sale!  yay!  I am still deciding what to send with her order for a special surprise... I'm stalking her this evening, trying to pick up on her sense of style :-)  That will go out in the morning!