Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's new?

I have to apologize for getting all cranky here the other day... What can I say? It's tricky this living stuff. And you know, this chick shouldn't let it fly when she's on day 2 of a big storm headache. Does anyone else get weather headaches? I certainly do. And then... the storm is done (this time leaving 2 feet of snow behind) and I'm like tra la la.... Sunshine and puppy dogs :-) What was my issue anyway? I'm sure it wasn't just the headache, but funny how I let it get to me every time.

How do you like my new tree tapestry? It is SO BIG! It covers almost an entire wall and covers up some old yucky wallpaper that I'm sure used to be a lot nicer in it's day. There used to be a big bulletin board on this wall, and OMG!!! It collected everything! It was there when we moved into our house and I am so glad that it is gone. It was such a clutter magnet. Now we have a wonderful Tree of Life, Ahhh, that feels better!
And here's a shot of some new disc beads just unloaded from the Bisque fire. I got my husband to fire the kiln for me while I was away helping my brother early this week. Thank you Joshua! I think I am going to have to get him to start my glaze fire too, since I have a lot of commitments away from the studio these next couple of weeks-- And a show on the 27th ~~ I still haven't decided if I am going to this show just to see my Local Beady Friends or if I am going to make a lot of inventory and going to try to work. Not a good attitude, I know but I did officially quit doing shows a year ago. That's it then, I'm just going for fun! Ha!

This last shot is of my newly painted kitchen. Everything is not set up yet and we have not decided on what knobs or handles to put up, but hooray for no more paint buckets and drop cloths and paint fumes and not being able to cook. Yay! It was a week and a half of disruption and I am so happy to have clean looking paint on the cabinets! You can see a couple of my Hex Signs above the cabinets. I didn't get them all placed before I took this photo, but I love Hex Signs! I live in "Historic Bucks County" Where there are the actually a lot of old covered bridges and decorated barns. The Pennsylvania Dutch. I grew up loving all the beautifully painted signs that decorate the barns in the area. I'll share more shots of the kitchen when I figure out what to do about the hardware. (That window is usually lined with antique bottles that my husband has found while walking in the woods and plants~~ got to have plants!)
So that's it, I usually like to share photos of new work in my "What's New" posts, but I didn't add anything to my etsy shop last week since I have been busy getting ready for the show and painting the house.
I hope everyone is having a good week, and those of you who are covered in snow, I hope you get yourselves out safely :-)


  1. I get the weather headaches too. On the plus side, I ALWAYS knew when school would be cancelled, but on the minus side I never got to enjoy a snow day. It did occur to me over the past few days that I am so glad I don't live in the DC area, not b/c of the snow but because of the freakin headache I'd have for a week. I feel your pain :-)

  2. Thats a beautiful mural! I hope your feeling better Kriste!

  3. I get weather headaches too--sometimes bad enough to lay me up for a day or two. The trouble is, no one around me seems to understand (or even believe) that this can really happen except my dad. His mother had terrible weather heaches. My husband tries to be understanding. My mother thinks I have a tumor.

    I love the colors in your kitchen!

  4. Headaches are the worst! YOu just feel like crawling a nice big duvet and forgetting about things :D

    a good suggestion! Depends what you are celebrating..but i alwasy thought it would be cool to commemorate a special event with a signature piece..kind of like a limited edition. only so many to get. You should make one. Have the colours choose tell a story, allow the receiver to live the special moment with you through the piece. Everytime they wear it, they will think of you,:D

  5. Love the colors in your kitchen:) I love red. My living room is "Roasted Pepper Red":)

    The stack of beads looks yummy! I hope your trade shows go well. I guess the nive thing about having a husband laid off is a nice list of honey-do items that he can catch up with, lol;)

  6. Thanks Everyone!

    Oh no Alice! A TUMOR! It's good that my Mom has always had these headaches, I would see how bad she felt when I was younger and so when it started happening to me, I knew what to expect.

    ;-) Summer, we'll see about the Honey do list, There has been a big list on the fridge that he made the week he stopped working. That was in October.


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