Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Workshop --finished pieces

I took a quick shot of Beth's worry jar for her Nana before she came and picked it up last week.
And I glazed my pot brown and acorny.  Having shared our in progress photos, I really wanted to show the finished pots here.
My darling Sonya's work from this firing.  The top left piece was made with a stamp that I picked up from Kelly aka Silver Parrot.
A local potter friend contacted me for 2 necklaces in this style a few days before Christmas.  The one on the left remains.  I am glad... because I have only made the one in that style and I would like to make another.
And I whipped this necklace up at the very last minute for a customer and mailed it out ASAP.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The year of the bean

yes, bean
I'm into it.  It'll be good for me. 
I've even had a dream recently that I was sewing mung beans in the garden, even while realizing that the worst of the winter was still to come.  A sleeping powerhouse.... sprouting life.
It's a slow food.  Planning and soaking, I'm going to have to figure out some tricks.  I have been bean curious for a few years now, always asking folks if they have any favorite legume recipes.  No one really tells me any.... I don't think many people really eat beans around here.

yep, I'm into it.  It will be good for me.  
Heck yeah!  I'm a rebel!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I've Been Revealed!!!!

It's me!!!  I'm the very last stop! 
The kiln is firing and I'm super excited to see 1) what's inside and 2) What I have to add!
Check it out!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Christmas Workshop

Last week my friend Beth clued me in on her great Christmas gift idea for her Nana.  She wanted to make a "worry jar" for her...and maybe I could help.   I think that is the perfect gift for Nana.
Here's Beth!  She hasn't made anything in clay since 7th grade when Ivan Belac, a blind potter, came into art class and helped everyone make a pot!  Truth!  Ivan Belac coming into art class in 7th grade is legendary--- he came to so many years of art classes.  Beth's older sister, Debra, myself and Beth span @10 years of art classes at my guess.    That brought back memories.  I think my clay future was carved in Mrs. Barnacks art class.  I used to convince other kids to let me wedge their clay for them.
Here is Beth's work!  Nana's worry jar!  with buttons! 

Here is mine.  We used Sandi Pierantozzi's method--- seen in this video--
Sandi has done workshops with my potter's group, but I never made it to the workshops. This video crossed my path right after Beth's request and I thought it a perfect fit for her worry jar idea. 
I also tried to make a planter for my brother.... I don't know if it is going to work.  He said he saw a narrow linear planter for planting grass... for on your desk.  He said this way back in June or July.   So here it is.  I gave it a try.  We'll see how I feel about it when it is finished and how I feel about looking at it every day while at the office.  The growing grass is supposed to be calming.  I'm thinking Chia pet  ;-)   Beth says it should be made into a Dachshund shaped planter....  I don't know how to attach a head, and I suspect that would loose the Zen effect.... 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trunk Show at Bucks County Beads!

I set up a really big trunk show this Saturday at a great bead shop in Newtown, PA.  Bucks County Beads is such a beautiful store!  The Trunk Show is in store until January 11th.  Kathy is also having a great trunk show of really good quality gemstone stands right now. 
Here is a little taste of the pieces I have at the show.  I sent all kinds of small charm sets, donuts, cabochons, pendants, smoke fired beads........
And Bead Sets too!
My girls and I went to the Camden Aquarium with our girl scout troop on Sunday.  How I love those kids!   We've been taking turns being sick and well and sick and well and it's been a day by day thing.  We had been to the hospital with my youngest just two days before but we were all ok on Sunday.  Now today it's my older daughter's turn to be sick and I'm home from my office job to take care of her.  I'm really hoping not to get sick until my regular day off.......    
Most of the time the kids were taking pictures.

I really like driving the Schuylkill Expressway -- I wouldn't want to drive it everyday, but I'm always headed some place fun when I'm on it.  I love driving up and seeing the Art Museum next to the river.  It is such a historic and impressive looking building.
They got some good shots on a really rainy day.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

Head in the clouds.....

Adj. 1. head-in-the-clouds - guided by whim and fancy; "flighty young girls"

flighty, flyaway, scatterbrained

frivolous - not serious in content or attitude or behavior; "a frivolous novel"; "a frivolous remark"; "a frivolous young woman"

Oh boy,
I am supposed to be getting ready for a meeting with a bead shop tomorrow....  Somehow I am not concerned.  I have a spreadsheet for that.  I have a fancy case that makes things really easy.... I guess that I know that and that is why I'm not rushing around.
I am flying high above the earth.  My insides are smiling. 
I could blame the flakiness on waking up at 3 and taking my daughter to the hospital, but that's not it.  (she's fine)  
Last night I got together around 100 items for my daughter's school's Secret Shopper's shop.  That felt really great.  These things have been hanging around here for a few years.  Real vintage Artisan   I think some little girls would love to have them. ... And I would not.   ;-) 
I should be running around like crazy making things for everyone.  Having big projects and plans for my business.   I always do that.  I love a good mission.
But, I am up in the atmosphere, feeling the breeze.  I am dreaming.  Dreaming about my reality, because my reality is wonderful at this moment.  I am young.  I am accomplished.  Time for bigger and better dreams.  When you've crossed off your list, it's time to start another one, right?
Buttons-- I would like to make some buttons.  One day soon.... My mind is on vacation today.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Giveaway Winners Announced!

The winner of my Cyber Sale Giveaway is Gerry-- of Clay designs by Glee
Gerry has won everything in this picture above.... a gift certificate, Smokefired beads and these great focals from Rings and Things that I received as part of the Rings and Things Blog partner program.

And the winner of a set of my Disc Beads is My Life Under the Bus!

CONTACT ME with your addresses via my etsy shop, Artisan Clay
or send me an email at artisanclay @

Thank you to everyone who played along and stopped by to say, HI!
I really love it when you guys speak up and leave comments here on the blog.

There will probably be more giveaways coming up since I have gotten word that I will be getting another Rings and Things Blog partner package soon.  Yay!

And don't forget to stop by the Beads-of-Clay blog where I often post giveaways and our wonderful authors often post challenges with great clay beady prizes :-)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last day for my SALE and GIVEAWAYS

I added all these items to my Etsy shop this week.  Today is the last day to get them for Buy One Get One Half Off.  and get a surprise smokefired bead of my choice with every 2 items purchased. 

So--- you are warned.  Also enter my 2 giveaways TODAY if that sort of thing interests you :-)

The one giveaway os on the Color Chip Challenge post, and that is for a set of my disc beads (kinda sort of similar to the style I used in the Urban Midnight necklace)

And the other Giveaway is for a $25 gift certificate and a pile of smokefired beads and a pile of great Stone Donut-ish focals from Rings and Things.  That one is Titled Cyber Sale and Giveaway. 

I may or may not add more charms and disc beads to my shop this evening/later today.   I will see how family life plays out.  We are excited to be headed to a Organic Farm for purchase our reserved Lamb and make Gyros for Dinner!  Whoo Hoo Meat!  I'm hungry!  I am used to my husband hunting and I avoid the meat section of the grocery store so this is WAY TOO Exciting for our family.  Ha!  I'm a freak!

I hope you are having a great day!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Color Chip Challenge ----Red Rebellion and Urban Midnight

Red Rebellion
 I have to tell you how much fun I had working on this Challenge!  It speaks to me!  I love color, and I had been feeling swarmed with "stuff" and not knowing what to do next.  I make so many decisions for other people and organizations and I really was thrilled with someone telling me what to do.  Weird, yes, but there is a certain measure of freedom in it. 
 This is my first color scheme.  MicroChip, Barely There, and Red Rebellion.  It was suggested that the kind-of Grey green Microchip be used as the wall color, Barely there as the trim and Red Rebellion as an accent.
 So this is what I came up with.  The Splash is the Red Rebellion Stone Coin bead gifted to me by my friend Staci of Staci Louise Originals.  She stopped by last weekend to shop my Etsy sale via my home..... because she gets to root round in my entire stash that way :-)  Smart girl :-)

In her beady friend awesomeness she came bearing gifts of fancy stones and pearls,  and that big gorgeous Rebellion was one of them.  I pulled out my color chips and let out a big "Ah ha!  That's what I needed for this"  So, Staci is Awesome...

Back on track--  I did use my own handmade ceramic beads in this piece, but true to name, they are in the Barely There part of the piece.

Lastly, the Microchip portion was made with Sesame Jasper and a Green "Marble"  It was hard for me to see the true color of Microchip.  It looked grey in the sample but green in it's use in the color chips' example room.  So grayish green it is.
 Urban Midnight
 Here is my second color scheme... Because I lost my original and Erin kindly sent me a great assortment of replacements.  Thank you Erin!  I think I will make them all as I get the time. 

OK the Colors are, Restoration Green, Urban Midnight, and Theatre Dress.
Here it is!  Urban Midnight.....  I have made this necklace design before, and I have been wanting to make it in more colors.  I really like doing that.  Finding a design that speaks to you and making it work in different color combos.... because I am all about the color.

Leave a comment below for a chance to win a set of Disc beads by yours truly, Kristie Roeder, Artisan Clay.... 
Oh Yeah!  If you're into it, I posted a giveaway on my blog last week as well.  The winner will be announced Sunday or Monday :-)

And hop on folks!

A blog hop wouldn't be complete without some hopping!

Be sure to stop and hop over to the other participants on the list below.

( I hope the links work!  If not AND Just because.... Go to Erin's Blog for a full list and Giveaway-- )

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Color Hop

Hey guys!  I am going to be a bit late on the hop... I have to get my kidlets off to school before I get my photos taken.

Please enjoy the cute puppy while I finish up :-)

Monday, November 29, 2010

I made some new jewelry for a show this weekend.  Some of it has been added to the etsy shop, but most jewelry will be leaving my etsy shop for a long weekend so that it can go to the show.
The Buy one get one half off sale is still going strong.

Friday, November 26, 2010


(not including gift certificates) 

Enter to win everything pictured above by leaving a comment on this blog post below.
That  includes a $25 gift certificate, A pile of Smokefired Art beads valued at @$100 and Four faceted funky Stone Donuts from Rings-n-Things.  I received these stone pieces as part of the Rings & Things blog program.

 There's more-- you will get one free smokefired bead of my choice with every 2 items purchased.  Buy 2 items, get one smokefired bead-- buy 4 items get 2 smokefired beads,.... buy 10 items get, 5 smokefired beads--- ALL while getting the buy one get one half off sale pricing.    Why?  I just love surprise giveaways!  They make me smile-- that's why!

Also you will get one giveaway entry for every item purchased now through Sunday 12/5/10.

There is no purchase necessary to win, just leave a comment below.  If you would like an extra chance, you may leave a comment linking to your favorite item in my etsy shop or you may share the news of my sale on Facebook, twitter or your blog :-)

So there is about a million and one ways to enter for ya! 

All of these items have been photographed and will be added to my etsy shop in the next day or so as family responsibilities permit me to do so.  I will be adding as much work as possible to the etsy shop during the duration of the sale which will run now through 12/5/10.
  Thank you!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giveaway and SALE coming up......

I am going to be having a giveaway and Cyber Monday sale later this week.  I am so THANKFUL FOR YOU!   I hope to post it on Thanksgiving and let the giveaway run through the weekend..... 
Thank you for being a friend!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last day for 20% OFF SALE!

Today is the Last day for the 20% off sale in my etsy shop.....  Just thought I'd let you know :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling like the luckiest kid EVER!

That's my girl!
She's feeling like a million bucks right about now.  I am very lucky to have a paint your own ceramics store just down the street from my home (maybe 2-3 miles)  I found myself out of black--- yep, I really like that black.  Don't think I could have gone another firing without it.  So, Starshine and I packed up the mail and headed out for a quick trip to the post office and ceramics store.  Only this time she realized that there was more than just glazes in that shop.  There was a lady there painting a pile of Christmas ornaments and OH BOY!  Aisles of green ware figures! 
We checked each Aisle 3 times before she found the biggest fairy statue in the place.  The owner thought I was kidding when I told her to pack it up.  I figure that'll buy us a good 4-5 quality working hours :-)

If my mom would have let me have something that big from a craft store when I was 5 years old, my head would have exploded.  She helped me load it in the kiln today for a soft firing and she's tending the kiln too.  She is SO excited!  It makes me so happy :-)

I did get Marla's earrings done :-)

I thought I was going to be making lots of jewelry today, packing up inventory and dropping it off....... but nope.  Not so far.  I spent a good deal of the morning helping that Starshine of mine write a letter to grandma.   GGG Ga Ga, RRRrrrr  RA RA, AAa  aaaannnnnna  na na, D  DDD  Da,  Mmmmmm  mm, AH aaahhh.

Tomorrow is back to the office.  And maybe a volunteer gig at night.... hope to get to my stock my shop on my next Artisan Clay day..... which will be Friday.  lol
What a fun and full life it is :-)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fresh out of the kiln

I opened the kiln this morning.

I made a lot of Dot Cabochons.

And these larger Cabochons with the painted rim.

I really like that yummy bleed of color along the edge.  :-)

And check these out!   They are a collaboration between myself and Marla James.....  They are made from the bisque from her Bisque bead supply website.  You have seen her bisque work used by quite a few ceramic artists, but maybe you didn't know it.  :-)

I really like these bright clean colors.  I do love making this style of bead.

And I made some pottery!  I should have spread them out to take photos.  There are tumblers, and serving bowls and one "perfect" soup bowl.  I am going to be taking these pieces to the Accessories Boutique in Bethlehem (next to the Hotel Bethlehem-Moravian Book Store area )  But I felt bad sending them off so soon, so I decided to have a sidewalk sale and let my Facebook friends know about it.  :-)

Sidewalk sales are my kids' FAVORITE thing to do!  As soon as I said it, the kids grabbed their handy work and set up shop with me.  I sat on the porch and the kids sat out by the sidewalk.  Lydia sold 2 butterfly necklaces and Sonya sold 2 of her beads.  :-) 
Then they spent it all at the grocery store.... Belgian Waffles and ice cream for dessert tonight! 

I filled the kiln up again as soon as I emptied it.  I am kicking myself for it.  It's 8pm and I am going to be awake tending it for a while....... But tomorrow morning, when I get to see all my new pottery..... It will be great!