Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fire away!

I have been busy busy making new work to fill my table at the Berks Bead Bazaar on the 27th and 28th... I guess that's just a little over a week away. I am going to have to pull out the booth photos and display stuffs and make a plan.
I made a lot of funky, or primitive stoneware discs and connector beads and horizontal or bib pendants. All those flat white pieces in the back of the photo are for my workshop this weekend on Ceramic Decals! Yay! I love my potter's group! I can't wait to see everyone. In previous years I have had really really busy show schedules and I have not been able to go to all the wonderful and often free workshops and classes offered by my fellow potters. Next month we have a workshop on Terra sigillata and slip and surface design and, and, and, Wa hoo! And with no shows on the horizon, I may actually get to experiment with all these "new" techniques! I have tons of mason stains and have tons of old ideas for slip that have been on the shelf for a few years.
I am considering making a bunch of "pot luck" or grab bags with the new beads I made for the Berks show. I am going to have to think over how I need to go about doing that. Perhaps I will need to sit down with some string or bags and a good movie tonight and work it out.


  1. Oh my, those colors are awesome!!! Love the textures and patterns, too:)

  2. Love those glazes on those pieces. I'd love to see photos of your display someday. Good luck with the show.

  3. Thanks!!!

    And I am sure I will take photos of my booth... I always do! It's the only way I remember it from one show to the next.

    I still didn't check on old layouts and make a plan.... Challenges, examples, glazing, firing, class this weekend, and show layout and all that... but I'll get there :-) I have to!

  4. OOOooooo! I see one I think I want. Its round and highly textured and rough looking. CAn't wait to see these in person.


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