Sunday, March 29, 2009

Studio Day!

Yesterday was spent in the studio and oh boy did I make a mess! Every time I pull out the plaster, I end up with a terrible mess. I made some molds for clay and hope to get some more made today. Hopefully the finished works will be worth all the mess!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello out there in Blogland!

Oh Boy, It's been a while! Where have I been?
Everywhere, nowhere, here all along. I've had a week and a half of major computer troubles, but that's all over now. I am so happy!
I have certainly been working away; lots of fun projects! I have even made some of my favorite bonsai pots, and tea bowls. Yes I do sometimes make pottery! I have also made a bunch of beads since a good friend pointed out that I have been up until now hoarding all my beads for my own designs. She also reminded me of a few my older designs which I haven't made in a while. She certainly likes that I have switched gears towards offering more handmade supplies, and I love being reminded of old favorites. Happy weekend all! Happy Spring!

I have lots of blogging to catch up on, so look out!

Friday, March 13, 2009

New work

Have I ever mentioned that I make finished jewelry as well as ceramic jewelry supplies?
Here are some of my finished jewelry pieces newly available. This is my 7th year in business as a jeweler and this is the beginning of my 2nd year offering my handmade supplies to other jewelry artists.
This week has been full of lists and planning and research. The plans should make interesting posts and photos this spring and summer, but more research is needed. I finally got messy again Thursday night and tried some different methods of bead making. I am reminded of a caption I put on a recent photo "busy hands make happy girl"
I hope for a great weekend for you all :-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will Grow

Though at times they can't be seen, they are waiting. The air is cold, but from my mother's seed found growing wild, they will bloom.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm getting excited!

Beads 2009 will be coming out this April! And Guess who's beads are inside!!! Did you guess? No? It's me silly!

I'll give another update when I have a copy in hand!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A treasury Explosion!

This treasury made it to the front page!!! I love it! I think it was just wonderfully put together. featured my Handmade Stoneware clay and fused glass cabochon in mossy greens in her Naturally Treasury which hit front page on 3-3-09 Thank you miamiamia! has too many goodies to choose from in her colorful, skilled shop. I am a big fan! I finally decided on this one for it's beautiful photography. Spring Drops - Bronze / Antique Copper Peyote Beaded Necklace This looks like a lot of fun to wear! Go visit her shop, you will not be disappointed! Thank you for featuring my Deep Blue Sea Pendant or Necklace in your You spin me Right Round Treasury on 3-3-09 This treasury had me eating chocolate for breakfast! Thank you!
Here is a bit from shop announcement "All pieces are handmade by me in my studio in Oman. The majority of my silver and beads I buy from the local Souk (traditional market). The rest I buy myself from my travels overseas and..."

Is anyone else Jealous? I would love to run to my local market and find silver like this! Ok, has brought them to us via etsy and I thank her for it! This piece is called Omani Sterling Silver Pendant, 24ct Gold with Onyx and Citrine (Zahara) And Guess what folks! She has a few of her great supply finds in her shop too!
I am tickled to be featured with so many artist whom I admire in this Burnt Treasury 3-2-09 By the talented njema That is my Depths of Despair Necklace in the bottom right I absolutely love the stones in this necklace!! ( I also have to say that this is the only pendant in this coloration I have been able to hold on to- only because I separated it) Check out the listing, these stones are truly wonderful! OH MY She's got talent! I noticed this piece in another treasury recently!! Those dreamy Purple Pebbles??-They are Njema's own polymer creations. I love it!! You have me dying for the ocean!
I love the colors and humor in this I Scored a piece of Amber treasury 3-1-09 by Magillie That is my Amber and Blood Red Stoneware Clay and Fused Glass Donut Pendant I love those bugs and Eyeballs!
Sweet like candy, That's how I feel about being featured in treasury and that's the name of this fun and colorful bracelet. Yes So Sweet, Sweet Like Candy Go Gobble it up!
The Source Treasury by pugsinspace Front Page on 3-1-09
Hooray Hooray Hooray! This well chosen treasury made it to the Front Page! That's where the new owner of my Blue Skies Brooch Snatched it up!! Double Hooray! Thanks So much
Here is my favorite pick from primordial 5x5 Guess what folks! She goes custom sizing!!! There are tons of great shots in pugsinspace's shop to suit your style, they certainly suit mine! Giving Naturally Etsy For Charity Team Treasury! 2/26/09 Go Team!! (I'm new) Yes it's true my work is not in this treasury, but it's my team. GO TEAM!
Here is a cutey of a photograph "I'm calling Jazz Mizzell"...original 5x7 fine art photograph - by AllieArt4Children. It is in the Etsy For Charity shop so all the sale money goes to a worthy charity! This Month's Challenge is "green" Hooray! A theme I can do too!

This is my team! Check out the Team Shop and also check out the shop of the generous artist who donated this wonderful photograph!
I cannot believe this explosion of treasuries this week! I feel wonderful to be picked by these wonderful etsians! Thank you for choosing me and thus letting me find you! You are great!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bead Show- My buys, and Hooray for a Snow Day!

This snow storm has perfect timing as far as I'm concerned! Everyone around here wanted a day off and we got it! My husband made a trek out for some chocolate chips and the cookies are being made right now. We are also in for a treat at dinner time, he's cooking that too! Yum! He is a much better cook than I.
Two days at a bead show.... You know I had to shop. I got a great deal on a rainbow of silks and was able to hand pick some filigree. So tell me please, Do you love these bails or hate them? Should we see more of this?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bead Show!

Just a Quick Shot of my area at the bead show this weekend before I head back for day 2.
I was having so much fun snuggled in between Joan Miller and Lisa Peters that I forgot to take this til late in the day! Oh boy do those ladies have tons of gorgeous top quality beads!