Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Cuteness!

I had a blast yesterday. I took my potter's wheel to our Daisy Girl Scout Meeting. This is Kaitlynn, she's a little sister scout- Here we are adding a swirl to the bottom of her new little lunch plate.
This is Jessica. Those girls were so excited to sit at the wheel. It was a really fun time. And I successfully helped all 9 of them make something that they were proud of AND I did not break any when I trimmed them, no matter how wobbly they were :-) I am going to miss these cuties when they go into an older troop next year.


  1. sooo adorable! i know a potter who feels that war could be prevented if we all could just get a lump of clay and a wheel - i agree... there really is something so calming about that feeling...

  2. How wonderful you are to introduce this young girls to clay.

  3. What a wonderfu8l thing to do for them!! Exposing them
    to something so talented as to what you do! WTG Krisite ox

  4. I want to play on the potter's wheel! How fun for all those girls!!!

  5. Aw, looks like lots of productive fun:) That's one thing that makes me sad about having only boys. No Girl Scouts. I used to love Scouts! I wonder if they have troop leaders who don't actually have daughters? ;)

  6. It is a wonderful feeling, throwing clay and volunteering with the girls :-)

    Summer, I am sure that other women do that, I know some ladies that have had troops when their own daughters have been out of the house for years. My co-leader does it for her grandkids :-)

    My co-leader has a really stressful job as a therapist. She says it is getting harder all the time, the recession is making a lot of people sicker. She had to commit someone against their will the day of the meeting and she almost didn't come, but she knew the kids were waiting for her. She says that our troop is her therapy... It's her reminder that there are still some happy normal people out there.


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