Thursday, July 30, 2009


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 new necklaces in store

Do you love it? I do! Calling all Earth Girls!
Golden Amber Necklace-- Check it out--
I love these round stone beads and the rich natural color of the Pendant!

and Here is my Growing Flowers Necklace--
The design is scratched flowers and grass. This color glaze looks great with both blues and greens, denim, and browns.

I have added a design to the other side as well. Why? cause I'm crazy like that!
Hope you are having a great summery day!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A new member of the family

Oh boy! It's been a while!
This cute mid-sized bundle of energy has a lot to do with it!
Here's Samson, our adopted 7 year old Wheaten Terrier-Poodle Mix. I have been using a lot of my early morning blog time for walks with Samson this past week or so as we have been getting to know each other.
I have also smoke fired many beads and fired a big load of glass and stoneware beads and pendants. I will get some of these fancy new pieces in my etsy shop in the next couple of days!

Hope it's been a great weekend for you!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Look What Marcie Made!

I so love when I see what other designers do with the beads I make!
Everyone thinks so differently, and I love it! In my jewelry, I have used pieces like this primarily as a pendant, but this use as a bracelet focal fits so well!
I love it! Thanks for sharing Marcie!
Check out Marcie's Blog- La Bella Joya-
and her Flickr page for tons of pictures of her finished jewelry!-

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Creative People Pay it Forward

Four brave souls took me up on the Creative People are Adventurous Challenge a few months ago. I finally mailed out every one's packages on Monday!
It took me a long time to decide on what kinds of things everyone might like. I read blogs and facebooks, checked out flickr pages, and I hope I found things everyone will use.

It was fun! I hope everyone receives their packages without breakage. (I don't have much experience mailing pottery.)

I hope you love your gifts guys! Thanks for reading my blog!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Etsy 200 surprises!!

Hi Everybody! Guess what! ...... I am really close to my 200th Etsy sale! Hooray!
To celebrate (and to hopefully reach it sooner) I am going to give a super surprise gift with every purchase up to 200 and a super duper big surprise gift for sale #200.
What will the gifts be? Hmmm, I think they will be fit for the purchase. So Buy jewelry - get a jewelry related surprise. Buy a pendant or beads- get coordinating gemstones or a sample of a different style of my handmade beads. I will have fun picking them out!
The super duper big surprise for sale #200-- I think I will send a piece of my pottery!
OK Ya'll --- Go for it!
I wanna start picking surprises!
Hope everyone is having a great day!
PS These smoke fired donuts were listed last night, and I will be listing some smoke fired barrel bead sets today in between tending today's smoke fire!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am one lucky girl!

I love Lorelei Eurto's work! Look at all these wonderful samples she has made
for me to take along to my show next month! Say it again? I am one lucky girl!
Check out Lorelei's etsy shop--

Working on it

I have to admit that I have a pretty bad addiction with beads. How did I come to realize it? -you may ask... Well, I've broken a few pieces of furniture trying to hoard them all. Here is a shot of how my organization of "supplies" is going. I've been to Ikea so many times in the past month and I'm ready to go back yet again. I think I may be ready to decide on my desk top.
I love my new white drawer units! With so many drawers I have a different drawer for every color of gemstone complete with a color sticker on the outside to help me find it. A drawer for all my silver, tools, strings, envelopes and boxes, tissue and tape. I love it! My next job is figuring out a system for my trays of beads... I think I may use a couple of shoe shelves on top of my new desk space. Maybe a way to hang my clay bead strands??? We'll see! It is coming together slowly since I am also trying to gather tons of spectacular inventory for my Big show in August.
I hope you are having a great day!
More heavy lifting and clay for me today!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fire, Friends and Food

An old friend of mine is visiting from Texas this week. We spent yesterday smokefiring beads at her family's home while getting ready for their big July 4th bash. This shot is of my "reduction chamber" LOL aka- The Box Charred to a crisp! Time with Debra always includes really rich food. Picking fresh black raspberries, unpronounceable goat cheese, lox, fancy meat grilled by at her brother's and ending with a fresh picked herbal tea with another friend.
I'm beat!
I can't wait to share my newly made beads! Pictures to come!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Working away in the Studio

I haven't been blogging much lately have I? I am still getting used to my summer schedule and working away in the studio to get ready for my first BIG bead show (my first booth all by my self that is) I'm not new to shows really, I have done Fine Art shows for 6+ years, but this bead show business is new to me.

I am working on getting a really good assortment of work together and IT'S FUN! My mind loves to try new things and try to perfect the old... Look for more Studio shots and work in progress in the coming weeks!