Friday, February 19, 2010

Our color Challenge Winner!!!

Today was the day. Summer Hodgmen entry was randomly chosen to win our wonderful Beads-of-Clay prizes! And she won..
This wonderful Pendant and coordinating bead set from Shattera Clay Studio

And this Bold pendant by Artisan Clay (that's me)
Thank you everyone for your entries in this section of the Color Challenge!
So far we don't have any entries for the next section of the challenge-- A piece of Artwork made in a Complimentary Color Scheme.... This section is a little more challenging-- but you can do it! And right now, you have a pretty good chance of winning the prize :-)
I will announce the next section of the Challenge, along with examples, Later today. ( but I need to photograph my sample first ;-) )


  1. Very cool! I just posted up my complementary piece (on flickr & on my blog)...the pics aren't the greatest, but you can still get the red & green feeling, I hope...


  2. These 2 pcs are very lovely! I love the gentle timeless look of them!


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