Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry Blog Celebration

Welcome to the Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry Blog Celebration!
I was so excited when Jaime Guthals from Interweave contacted me and asked me to participate in the book launch party! 
I first met Erin Siegel online through the Beads of Clay group and was really excited when she put out a call to the group for art beads for the new book.
My book arrived and I paged through it right away. It is a beautiful book to look at.
My favorite parts are:
 The Guide to Ribbons and Cord
Cord and Ribbon Specialty Findings
Tools for Ribbon Leather and Cord 
For me, using lots of fabric and fibers in jewelry leads me to want better ways to finish ends, keep things from becoming unraveled, stretched out etc... These are the sections I will go to for tips on making strong connections with the fibers in my jewelry and keep those fibers looking good.
Last weekend when I was headed to participate in my local potter's exchange's group booth at the Stahl's Pottery Festival, I threw my copy of the book in my day bag.
I went to show the book to my friend Vanessa.... just to find out that Erin used Vanessa's bead in one of the projects!  How cool is that?  Very cool, I tell ya! Small world, Ya know!

The project is called, "Suede Spirals" and in the project Erin encircles agate rounds with strips of suede lace. 
So.... Did I try anything from the book?
Why yes I did...
This necklace was inspired by the "Pearly Yours" necklace by Lorelei Eurto. In Lorelei's necklace, she weaves silk ribbon through a cable chain. My chain had links of different sizes, and I wove two strands of silk cording through it.  The pendant is one that I made from ceramic clay and recycled stained glass.  The colors suit me....

It turns out that there are a ton of bloggers participating in the the blog celebration this weekend-- Check them out!---
Here is the link to the list of participating bloggers-

Also, here are a few links to the book at for the book. And it’s on sale right now – both the print and eBook!
print edition on sale for $13.77
ebook on sale for $10.77 and available for immediate download.