Thursday, April 30, 2009

A big treasury thank you!

GO TEAM! I was featured in this Etsy For Charity Team Treasury this week by valeriesgallery. Valery chose my Red Glass Pendants Links Connectors Set for this Treasury which shows the diversity of our team.
Here it is 8am and I'm already thinking about a glass of wine this evening... It will be nice. I love this Knit Wool Wine Bottle Cozy or Gift Bag - Adirondack Summer by valeriesgallery

My Big and Beautiful Wheel thrown Cabochon was featured in Daoine's Rainbow treasury this week. This cabochon has been featured in treasuries quite a few times! I love that little house piece next to the baby!

I have admired Daoine's photos on Flickr for some time. I like to think of warm Spanish Breezes and day dream myself away to Barcelona. Check out this Double Starry Night Necklace

My Sticks and stones Rocky Boho Necklace set was featured in this Bead Hive team treasury as well as my Amber and Blood Red Donut Pendant
Does anybody else out there go crazy for bead shots like this? Check out these sparkles! Oh So Beautiful... Sparkly Ametrine Faceted Full Briolette Drop beads 17.5ct 10 beads set in OMGTourmaline's etsy shop

This Bright and cheery treasury happened on a very bright and sunny day! They call me mellow yellow... BaileyBowls featured my Here comes the Sun Pendant Necklace I will certainly be singing today!

Visit BaileyBowls etsy shop and while your there check out her wonderful kitchen creatures like this Owl with Tree (Salt and Pepper Shakers) They look like such good friends!
Again Thanks so much for thinking of me and adding my work to these wonderful treasuries! I love the feeling of finding my work featured with so many wonderful artists! :-)

Pay it forward

I spotted this post on SCDiva blog this morning! I love surprises! So if you want to join in be one of the first 5 to comment on this post----

Okay, here we go:

Creative people are adventurous! So, if you would like to participate, please send me a comment and the first five people will receive something from me in the mail. Here are the rules, and happy posting!

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations so please read carefully:

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make. This is an adventure!

2. What I create will be just for you with love and good wishes. It will be made of actual materials, not of cyberspace.

3. It will be done this year (2009).

4. I will not give you any clue what it’s going to be!

5. In return, all you need to do is post this text on your Blog and create five things for the first

5 people to respond to your post.

6. Send your mailing address after I contact you.

IMPORTANT: This offer is null and void if you do not post on your own blog to pay this forward.

This is going to be fun!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Pendant Necklaces

I have added three new pendant necklaces to my etsy shop this week. They range from the quite large and dramatic Dark and Stormy Night Pendant
To the Equally eye catching yet moderately sized Windy Night at the Lake ( my husband is an extremely devoted fisherman. Though I suppose a windy night at the Lake is not a great one for fishing!)

And Last but not least is the Petite Powder Blue Pendant
All three of these pendants come with your choice of necklace cords in which to wear them. Likewise the bail should suit many necklaces you may already have.
All are available in my etsy shop
I am also thrilled with the interest in my feature of the week. There are 4 more days left to claim your super secret surprise! Check my shop announcement for details!
Hope everyone is having a great day out there!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Feature of the Week!

It is time again to announce my Etsy For Charity Team feature of the week!
This week I'm featuring my handmade supplies. Enter the Sale code "Flowers" in your note to seller for any supply purchase and I will include a super sneaky secret Handmade Clay Bead surprise! It's a good one..... ;-)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New goodies in store!

What a crazy week this has been! It started off with family, with my mother in law winding down her visit from California this week and is ending off with more family in the garden.
In between all this visiting I did manage to get a lot of fresh work fired and today I will be packing a big box of goodies for Bead Fest Wire in Valley Forge, Pa next weekend. Ask for my work at Joan Miller's Booth.
I don't know how much space she will have, but she is sure to have a loaded box of mine under her table! Joan's work amazes me! I am so happy to be with such an awarded and talented and friendly artist!

Here are some new pieces in my etsy shop! I just added them this week and I have the feeling I will be adding some new blues later today... Keep checking back!

I have been laying the groundwork for a lot of new and fabulous work these past couple of weeks and have been a little behind in getting everything photographed and listed..... Sooo, Don't be shy! As my favorite repeat customers know; If you want to see something special all you have to do is ask!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Garden Fairies

Two little Garden Fairies flew by the other day and left this on my lap.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I got my copy! Beads 2009

I finally got my copy of Beads 2009! Hooray! My work made it onto two pages, The BOLD selections and the ORGANIC page.
Clay beads made a huge showing with around 90 of the 145 beads selected being ceramic and I was lucky enough to get a caption with each of my photos.
Clay is supposed to be BIG BIG BIG this year!

It says "Don't Be Shy-- LIVE OUT LOUD"

It says "Clay MEETS stained glass"
Hope you all are having a great day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day --Plant your seeds

The environment has always been a loaded topic with me. I can go on and on for hours. Don't worry I won't, but I couldn't let the day go without stepping on my soap box at least for a minute...
Go plant a seed, watch it grow. Keep your eyes and ears open and learn everything you can. Don't allow television commercials to be your education.

Adopt one small change and let it become second nature before adding any more changes. Question the plastics in your life. Will it be in a landfill in 6 months? Maybe you didn't need it in the first place. OK I'm done now, not another word.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Featured on Beading Daily!

Sometimes I'm a little slow, How many times have I started a blog that way?
Today I got an email from a friend (also my old highschool art teacher LOL) congratulating me on seeing my ad on Beading Daily, so I search the beading daily directory and I don't see myself anywhere. Now I just got a notification on one of my sites and a sale on another, They said that they saw me on beading daily. Huh? Where?
OK here it is I'm the inside scoop!!! Hooray Hooray Hooray!! So Happy! I needed a boost really badly, I am so happy for the pick me up!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Put a little Spring in your step!

The weather here today has been wonderful!! It had me pulling out my flip flops and bearing some very white skin. Here are three new pendant necklaces perfect for sunny days ahead!
Here comes the sun

Sonya's Delight

The forecast is even warmer tomorrow!!! I hope you are having a great weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yes! I can make beads Too!

I threatened it and now I've done it! A long time friend let me know (as only a good friend would) that up until now I have been hoarding all my handmade beads only for my own jewelry projects.
I have changed my tune!
I have made matched sets of 5 of my hand rolled stoneware beads in my own studio mixed glazes. I have paired them with some great natural beads to get you started. Most of these sets fit my wrist as a fun and chunky bracelet on this temporary string. Lots of options with these beads, I have used them alone as pendants in the past.
Sun and Sand and Palm Trees Too!

Sienna Brown and Black Bead Set

Sun and Sand Set

Cool Blue Stripes Set

Classic Black and White Stripes Stoneware clay bead set
So far I have around 20 sets~~ ~ I won't be listing them all since they will be making the trip to Bead Fest Wire in Valley Forge, Pa the First weekend in May and OH MY! They will even get to go to the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee !!!! If you would like to see the other sets before their "bead show Vacation" just let me know and I'll give you a peek at my stash.
More on my beads exciting travels later!!! Wish it was me!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Feature of the week! April 12-19

Here is my Etsy for Charity Feature of the week!
April 13 - 19, 2009
Free Handmade Bead Surprise with your Handmade supplies purchase! You must use the sale code "Showers" to get your surprise. Got to love a mystery!
Find all the Etsy for Charity Team weekly features here.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

EFC Team Featured item of the week!

Item of the Week! You Receive Free earrings with your Purchase of my Serene Stoneware Clay beads and Gemstone Necklace! Just type in the Etsy For Charity Team's Feature code "april" to receive this weeks sale!
Check out other great deals from Etsy for Charity Group members at the group blog or search EFC team

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

The Oh so kind Bonnie of has nominated me for a Kreativ blogger award! Thanks for thinking of me Bonnie! Check out her wordless Wednesday this week, always brings me a smile! Be sure to check out her etsy shop!

Now for the hard part. As a recipient of this award I need to nominate other bloggers to receive it. This was hard, since I still feel very new to the art of blogging.

Here’s my list of creative bloggers: Hint-- if you recently commented on my blog your name just might be here!
1. No hiding it here! Definitely one of my favorite artists!

2. some great articles there on Staying original on Etsy and the Plagiarism Plague

3. Lots of cool stuff!

4. Boy! How does she do it all?

5. Tons of Eye candy here!

Whew! To claim your award, just post a link back to my blog and nominate other deserving blogs!

The wonderful Jesh!

As promised Jesh has shared some of her wonderful spindles with us again! If I am correct these are from the last 2 batches of donuts she has gotten from me. I can imagine how great that fiery red one looks while spinning! As of today, Jesh has 2 spindles available in her shop with my donut pieces! and


Ayala Levinger chose my Plum Purple Cabochon for Her Beautiful Outside treasury. She sure has a good eye for jewelry! Thanks Ayala!
I love the color in this OOAK Embroidered purple and green clutch I think it would make a great mother's day gift for my very cool and Quilt Loving Mother Go check out

This was a good week for my concentric circles cabochon! It made an appearance in two treasuries! This "Circularity" Treasury was made by the very friendly Melita of Melita can be seen around Melbourne wearing one of my super colorful- very circular -Brooches. Thanks Melita!

I just love Melita's Felt Cocoon Necklace with Owl Inhabitant What a cutie! Go get it!

Oh no! I just realized that I forgot to get the author of this great treasury! The title "Better to give than receive" is perfectly suited for this treasury with all the items benefiting charities in some way. I really like the Chemo Caps for Vets listing! It is a cause that comes close to home for that etsian!
Thanks so much for all these great features!
Boy what a week I've had! It feels like it has flown by, out of state family visiting for the holiday, a kids clay jewelry class, crazy manic necklace making, an emergency cleaning out of a barn full of ceramic molds -- :-( no gnomes :-( It seems like life is in full swing as the flowers have started to appear! The bisque kiln is almost at full temperature, and I can't wait to get some more new pieces finished!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I certainly knew I was alive today! ;-) It was fun to dig around in the deep deep bead drawers after focusing so much on making clay pieces the past few months.
This is a sunny, awake,playful and bold necklace. In making this piece I felt alive and energized by the colors and beads I chose. Light wearing, free spirited, natural and modern, feminine and strong