Thursday, February 4, 2010

Working Working

Almost time to do a bisque fire. Berks Bead Bazaar on the 27th and 28th in Reading, PA


  1. Looks great Kristie! Keep it up!

  2. OOOOh, there are some very interesting looking pieces up there. I love unfired clay. It is just so yummy.

  3. Sooooo coool! I want to hold those long ones on top. I'm betting they felt satiny smoothe before they went into the kiln :)

    Seeing those little wires in them made me think of my Christmas ornaments and how my family has always used cut up paperclips for the hangers. But now they are falling out of the dough ornaments (granted, it's not clay and 30+ years have passed), but it makes me sad. Do you think they would do that if I used sterling or stainless?

  4. Oh, I don't know why, but those look yummy:D I've never played with earthen clay, so I'm dying to reach out and squish one, hehe! Love the new pattens and connectors I see emerging at the top:)

  5. Thanks Everybody!!!!
    I have been really into making "bib" pendants lately.

    Are you talking about using sterling or stainless in dough? or glass?

    I use Kemper high fire wire, and it is sold for fused glass, and ceramics. I just looked up the melting temp for silver the other day for a friend and I believe it to be 1760 degrees... So I don't know how hot you are going if you are thinking of melting glass into sterling.

    I think some low fire ceramic folks use stainless with their clay work, but I just stick to the Kemper suff-- it is really dense strong wire. The clay or glass can melt/fire into it. I hope this helps!


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