Friday, March 5, 2010

What's new?

I added some new blue to my etsy shop this week. A couple of the pieces are already spoken for-- One was in the mail before I took this photo. Thanks!
Stoneware clay bead set

So What's new? OH boy! I see I haven't blogged here in a while! Sorry about that! Last weekend was the Berks Bead Bazaar in Reading. Thank you so much for coming out! and telling us that you read the blog and you are big fans, that feels so nice! My husband manned my table on Saturday, because I just couldn't figure out how to get everything done otherwise. I was at the show on Sunday, and loved seeing you! I also got to talk with my favorite clay girls, Joan and Lisa. Chatting with those ladies is the best! I hardly stay at my booth when Joan is around! I blogged about the show on the Beads-of-clay blog here--
Monday I spent in the studio making a new mold.... It DID not work! UGGGH! I really hate how quickly pottery plaster goes bad in my damp studio. I wasted an entire day on that mess. And an entire day on the messed up mold I tried a couple of day prior... If I want to try it again, I will need to schedule time for the long drive to the clay store to buy fresh plaster, spend too much money (it always happens that way) and then take another day to re-make the mold. (This will be the third time-- babysitting required) Grrr! I still don't think that I am over it.

Vivid Blue Gypsie Pendant

Oh well, now I think that after hunting down someone to sell me new elements for my kiln, that I have the wrong ones. Blech! I think I should stop telling you all about my week, this is getting pretty lame. No wonder I am so stinking tired!
Vivid Blue Cresent

This week we got two new entries into the Complimentary Section of the Color Challenge On the Beads-of-Clay blog. I blogged about them here-- We have some new writers and new features on the Beads-of-Clay blog, so be sure to check it out!

Vivid Blue Handmade Horizontal Pendant

Today I announced the winner of the Complimentary Section of the color challenge as well. I blogged that here--

Vivid Blue Handworked pendant

There is some more good news too! I got mail! I now have a wonderful new necklace made by the generous Summer Hodgmen! I won her blog contest! This is my second Summer Hodgmen necklace. Who hoo! I already wear the first one all the time! and even when I am not wearing a necklace, perhaps just throwing on my coat and running out the door, I throw on the matching earrings and pretend that I not dressed in studio clothes under my coat :-) It's alright, everybody I know already knows that I'm always a mess. I get more done that way!
I hope you guys are having a great week! I haven't been able to check on anybody's blog in a while.... One day I'll catch up! Ha!


  1. Pity about the plaster, but I have had that happen. Not here in semi-arid W TX. My plaster lasts forever. Last time I had the elements in big kiln replaces, I went to Euclid in Canada. My kiln is Australian and they custom made them from photos and measurements that I sent. They had the very best prices I could find for elements of any kind, including the shipping. I am loving the blues in these pieces!

  2. Thanks LeAnn! It is good to know that you know how I feel :-)

    I got new plaster and re-made the mold. That was a big relief.

    I also called Euclids and they seemed much more knowledgeable than the company I was dealing with. I hope the elements come today!

    Sorry to be so cranky--- I was really frustrated!


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