Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2 Monochromatic Entries By Cindy Dolezal Designs

We have 2 new entries to the monochromatic section of our challenge!
Both are made by Cindy Dolezal using her own handmade clay pieces. Check out Cindy's Etsy shop here. I love how Cindy's first necklace has such an exact color match, but uses different textures and materials to give a really interesting look. The smooth pendant is set apart from the rough natural stones by her use of chain.
In Cindy's second entry she used both Red and Pink beads to create interest. Yes, red and pink are both forms of the same color- red. Pink is created by adding white to red, which is a great way to add dimension to your monochromatic projects.

Here is a close up of Cindy's pendant. Cindy fused red glass into the center, creating a two toned piece.
Thanks for sharing your work Cindy!

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  1. Thanks, Kristie, for your kind comments. I'm loving this challenge.


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