Friday, January 8, 2010

Monochromatic Color Scheme Challenge

The first color scheme for our challenge is the Monochromatic Color Scheme. Monochromatic schemes can be considered one color. So pick one color found on the color wheel and stick to it. You may use different tones and shades of that original color.

Tones and shades are found when you add either black or white to your starting color. An example of this would be red. If you start with red and add white you will get pink. So a red and pink combination is still Monochromatic because you didn’t add any of the other colors found on the color wheel.
I chose Yellow Green. I used dark beads in yellow green and lighter ones. The challenge I found was to just stick to one color. I think the challenge for me was to not let Green and Blue-Green into the mix. I love Moss agate and it kept trying to sneak in, but the moss agate I have has a bit of blue-green to it.

So here is my finished piece! I used my Small Style A Cabochons, Agates, glass, and a silk cord.
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This challenge will also take place on the Beads-of-Clay Blog. There are a couple of different rules for the BOC blog challenge, but there are also prizes to be won. Please become a follower of the Beads-of-Clay blog here.--
Does this sound tricky to you? It's not! Give it a try! I will be listing bead sets in different Monochromatic "inspiration" sets in my etsy shop to help you get started

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  1. I love this challenge! Had to start out with one of your pieces...

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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