Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My serving of Soup

Check this out! This is what Janet sent me to work with for the Bead Soup Swap Party. I love what she chose! The wood and Heather Powers' Pendant are so my style! I can't yet imagine what I will make, but I certainly think it will have a feeling of spring with that lovely Bird Focal.
This must be the time for me to try my hand at working with Heather's beads. I just received my order from Humblebeads. I had won a Gift Certificate from Heather's Fun with Focals Challenge. Boy that was a fun challenge to try! I am so happy that I won, and that I even participated in the first place. It was so great to keep the challenge themes in mind in my work for that week. I think it really helped me turn out some great work. And... I think it is almost official-- I signed a contract today. One of those challenge pieces should appear in an upcoming magazine. Cross fingers-- The whole process made me SO NERVOUS! Head shots-- Bios-- Sentences! Ahh! I must be stronger now, because I am certainly not dead ;-0


  1. what beauties! can't wait for the big reveal!

  2. Hi Kristie Im so glad you recieved the goods! I love that focal Heather Powers made too! Im so glad your happy with my choice...happy creating!
    Janet ox

  3. I can't wait for the big reveal either!

    Thanks Again Janet! I hope you like your goodies!


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