Monday, January 25, 2010

Then and Now

Two pieces of Art by me... One old, One new, Then Wheel Thrown Smoke fired pottery, and now A necklace using my smoke fired beads.

The pot is will be the prize for my 400th etsy sale... (because I like to celebrate) 1 more to go.
Yep, way back in the day ;-) I used to make pottery from time to time.

And the necklace I made using some of my side drilled smoke fired circle beads. -- I have 3 of these beads in my etsy shop. On this page.

I definitely see my smoke fire bead work as a continuation of my smoke fired pottery work. :-)
Fun Stuff!


  1. I love all your smoke fired pieces! They have such a smooth finish, and the colors and beautifully muted. Congrats on the impending 400th sale! :-)

  2. Woot! I couldn't resist. I didn't even realize until I'd finished the transaction (I've never typed and clicked so fast) that I was logged in to my other Etsy account. Yay for me!!!

  3. Thanks MaryLou!

    It was made in the same ways as my smokefired beads. Thanks for celebrating with me!

  4. Those are simply beautiful.

    Congrats on 400 sales! Pretty nice achievement.


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