Friday, January 22, 2010

Part 2-- Analogous

The second section of the Beads-of-Clay & Artisan Clay Color Challenge Begins today.
Check out all the info on the Beads-of-Clay blog here-
You have 4 weeks to enter Part 2 and there are 2 more weeks left for part 1 of the challenge.


  1. It seems that I don't make any sense. This is nothing new ;-)

    Here is a link to the explanation of the color scheme--

    So that means use any set of colors found next to eachother on the color wheel: red, orange, yellow or Blue, Blue-violet, violet you may choose any set of colors found next to eachother on the color wheel.

    Here is a link again to an example of a clay pendant and purchased beads set that would make a good start for the analogous color scheme--
    An entry could also be one single bead that is colored in colors that are found near eachother on the color wheel. Like these examples this pendant shows red-orange-yellow this pendant shows blue-violet this pendant shows blue-green

    Does this help?

  2. Such gorgeous examples! This is gonna be fun... :D


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