Monday, January 11, 2010

New Work

I just unloaded the kiln today. It is always fun to see how things turn out.
I really like how the glazes look on this grey connector.
And this bright teal,

And new Cogs and sprockets and gears and wheels..... They remind me of visiting Stonehenge for some reason. I think it was hiking around and looking at the different rocks between Stonehenge and Salisbury. I never noticed rock like the ones in Salisbury before. I think I can remember a cathedral wall built with them....? My husband loves rocks, and has a collection, so I think if I ask him, he probably smuggled one home on the plane. I'm sure he knows exactly how they were formed ;-) (he says he did get one)
-- I haven't listed any of these beads just yet... I just opened the kiln today. If you are interested in anything, you can always contact me on Facebook (artisan clay) or note something on flickr (artisan clay) and I will make sure to get back to you before I add anything to my etsy shop :-)


  1. I like the new pieces, eveything you make is so original! I have never seen anything like it anywhere :)


  2. Spirals are one of my favourite designs. Yours in that tear drop shape are gorgeous. And I know what you mean about those Salisbury stones. Your pieces are very reminiscent of them. Love that stone feel you got with those pieces.


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