Monday, January 4, 2010

I read a quote today that is perfect for how I am feeling at this moment. "Transition and Change are painful not only because of the leap into the unknown, but because your self-image is tangled up in your work." Gail Platts quoted in Make it Profitable by Barbara Brabec

I have been really working hard the past couple of weeks. I try to work hard all the time but this working hard is different than my normal routine. This work is the stuff that is out of my comfort zone, the stuff that makes me feel scared and open to criticism.

So what's the big deal Kristie? Come on now! I set a goal to submit some work to magazines and to re-do my website to offer my work made to order. Good goals, but now that I have been working on it for weeks, and nothing is being expressed as I envision it to be. My confidence is getting shaken. I just want to make beads, and ignore the yucky stuff. But where would I be then? A quitter! That won't work.

I have asked some folks to give me input on my writing and website before I open up to the final audience. That will help. I hope.

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