Sunday, May 2, 2010

I do love dandelions.
I need some blog therapy-- so don't read this if you want to judge. I really mean it, I'm not in a people pleasing kind of mood :-)
Feeling sad these past few weeks- I haven't been able to get in the studio and do that thing clay that I love. My work space has been taken over by tons of stuff so that we could make room for another family member to move into the house. Married life has not been wonderful. I am spending all of my work time at my brother's new business, since I am so proud of him and want it to succeed. I am totally confused about the BOC blog. I don't want to do any of it anymore, but I'm thinking it's too late to become a hermit. I'm taking the day off from my brother's business tomorrow (really I am supposed to have off, but somehow I feel guilty about it. I am really only SUPPOSED to work there 2 days a week, not the 4 or 5 I have been putting in )
I hope that spending time on my own business will help even me out again, and bring me back to a good attitude. It should at least help with the nagging TO-DO list that keeps getting bigger and is not getting crossed off. Crossing things off my list usually helps lighten my mind.
I can hear thunder rolling in. There is a lot of pressure that needs to be released out there. I'm feeling it too.
And I do love dandelions.


  1. I am sorry to hear you are feeling down. Seems so much has come up at once. Not having time or place to create can really be depressing. And I am especially sorry all the blog changes have been so confusing. We can fix that for sure.

  2. Thanks Mary!
    I needed an Artisan Clay day so badly!
    I am already feeling better just knocking a couple of emails off my To Do list.
    Now if I can only figure out why my kiln sparked the last time I fired it, and get my swap necklace done, I will feel like a new person :-)

  3. It's good to get out the thoughts and I agree with Mary that not having the space physically or emotionally to do what you love is an incredibly depressing spot to be in. I hope all the changes and responsibilities in your life ease up and get you back to the clay. Oh and you know that old saying "it's hard to please all of the people all of the time...." well it's perfectly OK not to please anyone at all if that's the sort of mood you are in! Hugs

  4. I am glad that you put your thoughts out there. I know that I can totally relate. Don't feel guilty to do that which you need to do for you. You need time for you. You can only do so much for others and that is really our nature as women, isn't it? You need to feel whole again, and if that means taking a day off to work with clay, then so be it. I can honestly say that I would miss out on some beauty if you stopped.
    I know that it might not be a good day, but there is something good in every day. Find your 'something good'. And...enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Hang in there Kristie. You're just overwhelmed. Why do we think we have to be Superwoman and do everything for everyone? Be good to yourself. Get your hands in some clay and stop and smell the dandelions.

  6. i am glad that you vented... we all need to... going to agree with the sage advice and feedback you are getting on not having your creative place/safe place/expressive place... i get almost physically ill when i cannot get to what i need to do with my work - and it feels like a need as strongly as food or water...
    i am glad that you are able to be with your brother... mine moved to san diego and i miss him terribly...
    in other realms, find peace within yourself... it isn't always easy, but it's necessary...
    i have actually been thinking of you since i read this... and i hope today you are feeling a bit better...

  7. Thanks Everyone!
    You know--- I was just feeling the pressure of working to help other people night and day for the past 2 months. I want to. They really need me and I am able to help.

    And now, I would like that to ease up a bit, and fit in a little more "doing it for me" time. I spoke up, and I think it will happen :-)

    Thanks for understanding!

  8. that is one of the great things about blogging - you vent, put a goal out there and then feel like you better follow up! glad you are feeling a bit better kristie~


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