Monday, May 24, 2010

What's New?

Well......  Lots of stuff!

2 sided Large Vertical Bead

I added a lot of work to my etsy shop this week.  It's a lot of Funky Hand worked beads and pieces made with clay that I dug myself local to my home.    I just realized that I dug this clay about 6 years ago.  It's a pretty silly story.  I was a very pregnant potter, and my husband had just severed that tendon on his hand.  He had this weird Edward Scissor hands torture devise on his hand and I was big as a house and there we were shoveling buckets full of clay.  Between us we could not carry the buckets to the car.  My Mother in Law and her husband were visiting from California at the time and we had to make them carry the clay out to the road.

Around the studio, I have been firing the kiln every week. The milky turquoise color is a new glaze for me. I have also been trying a few things with coloring clay. I am firing some test pieces right now. I tried to make a blue and a green clay. The color looks really light on the unfired clay, so I am curious to see how the test pieces will look when I open the kiln tomorrow.

I have a group show in a little less than a month, and I will be switching over to finished jewelry mode. I think I am going to be a earring machine this coming week!

The past couple of week have been full of friends and family as well. We went camping with a group of friends. I had too many Marshmallows and too much wine and just the right amount of fun. My cousin got married on Saturday and we had a blast celebrating with the happy couple.

 With all the craziness of my studio moving, I haven't had a chance to make them the wedding present I have planned.  I gave my cousin a big bag of beads and an IOU instead!  Somehow, I think she will be happy to wait :-)
How about you?  What's new?  Are you enjoying the spring?  Weddings, Graduations, Anyone?


  1. I'm in loveeeeee
    simply perfect !!!

  2. The new pieces are just fabulous! I laughed out loud picturing Edward Scissorhands and mom-to-be digging major bunches of clay. :) I'm getting ready to move up to Hampton, VA in a couple of weeks, so my life is full of interesting things to do.

    Oh, and I had an earring week recently and now I have about a bazillion of them! It was so fun! I used a mini-muffin pan to go through and pick out bead pairs and then sat in front of my TV with a jellyroll pan as a workspace.

    Have fun!


  3. Wow you've got some great new stuff. I'm especially loving that first blue link piece. Tomorrow is payday so I'll have to check out your shop then!!

  4. Thanks Dragonfly!!! :-)))

    Jen!! What a good reminder! I need to have some good movies to get through this earring blitz!

    Thanks Kelly!


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