Friday, May 28, 2010

I LOVE Tools!

Everyone gets giddy over a trip to the hardware store, right?  Tell me it's not weird to freak out over new drill bits.  It's got to be normal!  I mean even my Starshine bolted up the stairs for her safety glasses. --(her very own, and don't you forget it)    Yep, we're tool girls.  I'm the kind of chick who pats herself on the back for buying a new drill as a self given birthday present at 17 yrs old. 
So....  Let me tell ya about true friends!!!!  My girl Staci gave me this Dremel, because she got a new one, and she TOTALLY ROCKS!  XOXOXO!


  1. Your Starshine is precious!! And, such a well-protected young tool girl!!! Whoo hooo!

  2. Love tooooooools!
    I can be heard trailing behind hubby in Bunnings, our big hardware store, wailing "its my turn to by tools this week not yours!'

  3. Tools, my passion. More tools for us girls (not pink, real tools).

  4. I REALLY want one of those new ergo Dremels! My old one hurts my hand.

  5. Tools ARE super fun! Love the Dremel!


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