Monday, May 10, 2010

Project Packs

I finally got some project packs in my etsy shop!
This is the project I wrote for BEADS 2010.

I like how this focal can be worn long or short. 
I can make either of these cabochon sets full project kits if you like.  I am donating a full kit to the Beads-of-clay  blog 2nd Wednesday giveaway....  I don't know which month it will be the prize, but you should check out the the giveaway.  Every 2nd Wednesday of the month we will be giving away a bead related prize just for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment. 


  1. woooooow

    I'm reading your blog constantly and i'm amazed by your talent.
    Each piece is beautiful in its way....stunning isn't it?
    I admire you, and wish you growth and new ideas
    have you published a book?because this technique is wonderful and exciting at the same time

  2. Thank you Dragonfly!

    No I have not writen about my bead making techniques. But I am slowly starting to write about jewelry making. This project is in the Magazine BEADS 2010.

  3. I understand...thank you
    I'm very excited because I already order the book


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