Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bead Soup Partners Revealed!

So.....  I found out who my partner is for the Bead Soup Blog party.  It is Heather Powers!  Isn't that cool!  I was given one of her beads to work with for the Bead Soup Party last time around.  That is her Robin Pendant.  I matched it with my Blue Burst Disc bead, and other than that I pretty much used the Beads that my partner Janet sent me and made some wire stuffs to do the rest.  I wonder what Heather will send. 

I wonder what to send her---  I really enjoy sending secret surprises.  I like to try to figure out the other person's style and find something they might like.  This time I am stumped!  I am going to have to check out some of her work.  Right now her own beads just come to my mind....  

In other news, I re-fixed my kiln!  Yeah!  That's a good thing!  Now I just feel like I need to schedule a show, or put a ton of stuff in my etsy shop so that I can make more.  Anyone want to have a trunk show??? 


  1. What a great pairing! I can't wait to see what you two come up with!

  2. Lucky girl!
    I know that whatever you send Heather she will love it!
    Looking forward to this soup party. Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. You guys are gonna be a great pair! I'm absolutely thrilled to have my own earthen clay partner: Cindy Dolezal. Whoo hoo!!


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