Friday, May 7, 2010

Beads-of-Clay Bead Swap and Share

Over at the Beads-of-Clay yahoo group and blog we are finishing up a Bead Swap and Share. 
I was partnered up with Pamela Cresswell.  Pam's Etsy shop is  Pamela lives in Kansas City, and don't you know, I used to live in the Kansas City, Missouri area.   I lived in a tiny dot of town called Holt.  I worked in a bigger town called Liberty.  And I studied sculpture with a Paper Pulp Artist in Kansas City.  I learned a lot.  Then I missed the part of the country I love and the people I know and I left.  So that's me and Kansas City :-)   I have family out there so I return from time to time.
OK OK Kristie!  The Beads!  I just loved the glaze and shape of the blue bead set that Pamela sent me! So that's what I focused on; the beautiful blue and teal and tan glazed bead set.  She called the beads she sent me "rustics".  I loved that!  I love making what I like to call "primitive" beads and I thought our styles really worked well together.    I pulled them out. I pulled out some of my beads.  I pulled out more of my beads and a three loop connector. 
I really liked how Pamela packaged her beads with twine.  I thought it really complimented her "rustics"  So I went with it!  If you read my blog, you may have noticed that I have been having a busy - crazy time of things.  I took this project and rebelled.  I wanted everything free and easy and natural. I needed time to be creative and work my brain the way it loves to be worked.  Funny how relaxing a project can be :-)    I don't don't know what says free, natural and rebellious more than a good old fashioned hemp creation!
So here we have it!  Perfect for summer, and I kind-of like how it makes me feel young to put it on.  I really wanted to find a funky batik bandanna and a sun dress and maybe listen to some reggae and channel my hippie self.....  Perhaps I will do just that as the summer unfolds. 


  1. Lovely necklace Kristie. I think hemp is great too and I haven't used it in quite a while so it is nice to see how you have created with it. Very natural which sets off the shapes and colors of the beads so well.

  2. This is awesome. I love the way you wove it up!!!


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