Sunday, November 29, 2009

Working Working

My jewelry making desk has become a mass of stone strands, tools and findings. It's a sure sign that there is a show in my horizon. I have been working in blacks and greys, and reds and browns. My favorite!
Here is some of my new work. I took them to my families Thanksgiving dinner last night and asked some of the ladies to try them on and switch them out so that I could see how I liked them. My mom was really into the cross drilled circle on the ribbon, and my 15 year old niece and her friend bugged out over this Zombie pendant necklace. (as did I)

And last night I made these dramatic smokefired bead earrings. I think they are pretty cool! I also made a larger pair with a really long tassel. I have been reminded multiple times that my Mom's friend NEEDS new earrings from me since her entire collection of my earrings were stolen from her hotel room when on vacation. Nothing like that Mom voice driving your to-do list ;-) I love her!
And these are my favorites. They are really hard to photograph. The large round beads are best photographed hanging and they have such cool markings all they way around-- so this the best I could do today.
All these pieces are going to the Kringle Christmas Shoppe put on by the Haycock Historical Society this weekend. I may be removing jewelry from my etsy shop during the show. I have added tons of jewelry to my etsy shop this week. So far my buy 1 get 1- 50% off sale has been really disappointing. It is as if as soon as I started the sale everyone stopped shopping my store. I guess there is still time. The sale is scheduled to end at midnight on Cyber Tuesday.... Anyway, I will definitely think twice before offering a sale of this kind again. Perhaps you all don't like me as a jeweler, but prefer me as an Art Bead Maker...? I should get back on the bead selling track after my shows.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I had such a blast on my week-long Thanksgiving family-o-rama. I spontaneously planted myself in front of the beads and fired the kiln yesterday, so I get to go unload it now. And it's sunny!


  1. Thanks for the shots of your new work; I especially love the new earrings!

    I have a thought about the sale, actually. One thing I wasn't sure about was how the sale applies to various items. So say I wanted two necklaces at $40 and two hex connector beads at $8. Does that mean I pay full price for both necklaces and only half price for the hex beads? Or would it be buy one necklace at $40, get the second at $20, buy one hex at $8 get the second at $4 (all on the same sale order)?

    I love your jewelry! There are several necklaces I seriously covet:) I just find the cost a little prohibitive. Not that they're not worth it! I wear my Walk in the Woods necklace at least once a week:) But if I have $100, and it's a choice between 6 of your lovely pendants or 2 necklaces, you know which way I'm gonna swing;) But then again, I'm a jewelry designer, so that doesn't apply to everyone.

  2. Thanks Joana!

    Summer-- That's a good question! I didn't think of it.
    It would the second way--
    buy one necklace at $40, get the second at $20, buy one hex at $8 get the second at $4 (all on the same sale order)?"

    I will try to pair things in similar price groups when I figure the discount.

  3. Thanks Summer! And I am so glad that you are enjoying your necklace!

  4. Thanks for letting me know that the sale was confusing Summer.

    I have changed the terms-

    Now through Cyber Tuesday December 1st, When you buy 2 or more items you will get 25% off your entire order!


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