Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blue Ice Pendant / Fun with Focals #3

Blue Ice Pendant I am having a blast with Heather Powers' Fun with Focals Challenge. It's funny, I read this challenge, --The Assignment: Use jump rings as embellishment for your focal piece, the more the merrier! I thought that I would just pass on this one... I don't really use jump rings much-- And then, wouldn't ya know, a project I was already working on needed a little something. I added beads to jump rings and here you have it! Blue Ice Pendant
I know, I'm not looking for Icy weather just yet, but my husband insisted that I call the necklace Icicle or something like it. It is very cool and blue. I think it is great! It really moves with you.

And, I have it on a hand dyed silk cord, that can be tied up high or tied down low... or tied to any length you like for that matter! I always seem to find myself switching neck wear around this time of year when my sweaters and turtlenecks take over and my tank tops and tank dresses get pushed to the back of the closet. This pendant should come with you through all your necklines. I also would not be offended if you slide the focal on your favorite chain or neck ring :-)

What do you think?

Oh Yes... P.S.
This pendant was made with 2 of my standard size cabochons which are available for order to your color specifications :-)


  1. this is terrific! what a great submission ~ it all goes together spectacularly! i love these challenges, don't you? doing things that you would never have thought of and then having it come out great!

  2. I love using beads on jump rings like that! The shades of blue are fantastic.

  3. This is simply beautiful. I love the combination of beads and ceramic pieces. Just wonderful.

  4. Way cool! Love the colors AND the jump rings!

  5. beautiful !
    I'm a hugeeeee fan and I am wondering if you have books or tutorials to buy
    i love this technique so much

    little dragonfly


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