Monday, November 2, 2009

Leather Bail Necklace/ Fun with Focals Day 2

The Assignment: Use ribbon, string or leather to create a bail for your focal bead/pendant. This is for the Humblebeads (Heather Powers) Fun with Focals Challenge
Soooo--- I got out my super thin leather cord and made a right angle weave bail for one of my medium sized Sagger fired donuts. I then used the remaining leather to knot wood, and agate beads to form the necklace.

And here it is! A dream! And here it stays, on my very own neck!
(I will make you a necklace in this design if you would like to ask me, but this one is all MINE!)
There are currently 4 sagger fired donuts in my etsy shop in this firing method and size. I love them! Look at all the photos in the listing, because the markings are different on either side, and can be used on either side. Find them in the Donut section of my shop.--


  1. Warning! Do not add beads to your right angle weave projects. It becomes extremely addictive! :)


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