Saturday, November 14, 2009

In Progress

I have been feeling like a hit and run blogger these past couple of weeks. Life has been quite hit and run. I have been really focused on paying the bills and the craziness of life. Parent teacher conferences, getting depressed and realizing I needed to sensor myself through it. I finally got over my woes and then we got the Flu. Oh well, I'm pretty much fun with a fever, so I giggled my way through it and all in all we locked ourselves in the house for a week. Now That's a pretty awesome thing! Relaxing
And yay! I have been squishing around in the clay again! I work in cycles, so I often work in clay for a month, glaze for a few weeks, and make jewelry for a while and sell my work. So, now is a wet clay time. It's fun, it's freeing, it's why I love my job! Last night after my fever left, I set out to make some buttons at the request of my new favorite hat designer :-) Yay!! I am a hat addict. She so sweetly asked... Do you ever make 4 hole buttons? ----For you, anything!----
OK, I didn't actually make many 4 hole buttons, the clay had other plans. I did make some fabulous 2 hole buttons and shank buttons, (all the while imagining meeting my new favorite knitter) But really, mostly I made lots of fun disk beads. I have really been enjoying making the fibery disc bead necklaces... and my supply was getting dangerously low :-)
I made everything in white clay last night, and I think I will crawl into the dungeon (basement-crawl space) and see about some other clays I may have down there. I think I have some dark brown, manganese fleck, and porcelain... I wonder what will come upstairs with me!


  1. I can't wait to see how the clay buttons turn out!

    Also, congrats on making 300 sales today! :)

  2. have fun!
    ironically, we just spent a week in the house with the flu! the kids are starting to get better as is evidenced by the bickering and cabin fever... while i start to feel, well, crappy!
    congrats on your sales...

  3. You're going to be so proud of me, I signed up to take a pottery class while I'm here in Abu Dhabi! I'll take a bunch of pictures so you can see the results!


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