Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celebration! Giveaway

Hi everybody! It feels like such a long time since I've blogged. I have been busy busy adding new work to my etsy shop. I have added a whopping 21 items in the past 2 weeks! I am so close to reaching the 300 sale mark in my Artisan Clay etsy shop! So, I've been thinking.... I want to celebrate, I want to have a sale of sorts and a giveaway. Everyone seemed really interested in my copper luster beads at the Open Studio Blog event, so I have decided that they will be my giveaway. I will include one of the beads pictured above with every purchase up until I reach my 300 sale goal! So if you buy 3 things you get 3 copper luster beads. Buy 10 listings from my shop, get 10 copper luster beads! So it is both a giveaway and a buy one get one free sale! Yay!
Am I done yet? Of course not! I will also give a super stupendous prize to the individual who purchases the item that brings my sale count to 300. I will also give an equally stupendous prize to the customer who purchases the highest total dollar amount within these next 20 sales!
Is that enough? NO! How am I going to get the word out about my sale without your help?
Spread the word about the sale and comment on the post to let me know and you will be entered to win a smoke, sagger or copper luster of your choice from my available inventory! Yep, you read it right! I will open up my hoard to you and you may take your pick!
So how can you spread the word?
Twitter, Facebook, or Blog about the sale and you will receive an entry for each post you make!
So please spread the word and let me know just how you did it!
Thank you so much for making these last 280 sales possible! and Thank You for your continued business!


  1. kristie, this is terrific that you are so close to 300... now i have to decide what to purchase... do you know how hard that is? :0) the variety in your beads is so wonderful... from smoke, sagger and copper to glass... earthy to abstract... they fit any mood ~

  2. Great sale! I am, unfortunately, on a bead diet this month, but be sure I will publicize for you on my blog and on Facebook!!

  3. Thank you so much Guys!

    Thanks mary jane and thanks for spreading the word!

  4. Here is my little bit of publicity for you on my blog:


  5. I also posted it on Twitter: . :)

  6. wow, I love your beads, especially the copper luster, as it is one of my favorite colors to work with


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