Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's new?

I added 3 new large smokefired donuts to my etsy shop this week.  I have photographed both sides for your viewing pleasure ;-)
So.... What's new? 
My super secret project is now unveiled and it has it's own blog~~~~The Best Little Bead Box.  I am tentatively scheduled to be the last artist in line with the box.....  ha ha makes me think that either I'm the anchor or .......  they don't think I will mail it out on time ;-)  Just kidding!!!  But they did give me extra days... Coincidence? lol  Some beadish super stars are involved......  It is some seriously good company!  You have to check it out!

Also I did get the giveaway post done for the Beads-of-Clay blog.  The winner will be posted next Friday.  3 artist beads are up for grabs and I am one of them :-)

The rains stopped and tonight I get to go out to a pumpkin patch and do the Hayride/Corn Maze/S'mores thing with my girls and @20 of their friends :-) 

And tomorrow I get to head out on the road with my daughters and my brother and put my Aunt Louise to rest.  We will be headed to Pittsburgh and meeting my father's side of the family there.  I didn't really know my Aunt Louise very well, but I hope to learn more about her at her farewell.

I hope the kids can handle themselves well away from home and at a funeral--- which they have never been to before---  I am looking forward to seeing my Dad and his wife and I am glad for a chance for the kids to see them as well.  My 5 year old can't remember him....  so it's definitely been too long :-)

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  1. Silly Goose! You got extra days because you're getting the box over the holidays and we are not ogres...we know those can be hectic :D


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