Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling beads--- My gives, Round 2- The beads I make

I was able to take some quick photos early this morning as the sun was still coming up.
These are the bead I have gathered to give to the Traveling Bead Box.
These are all beads I have made, some experiments, orphans, some things I made over 5 years ago.
I could have really piled so many more beads in this pile.  It is a shame the way I pack things away and forget about them. They really deserve to be used!
I still haven't decided what I will be taking from the bead box, but Katie Nelson added so many fresh goodies that I am sure in for a treat.  In the event that I cannot fit all these lovelies in the box and in my international goodie bag, I will be adding them to the Best Little Bead Box Project to benefit the Beads-of-Courage organization late in the year.

I will be picking the winners tomorrow!  


  1. Oh, if I don't get to pick some of those yummy things of yours from the traveling box, I am going to totally throw a 2 year old type tantrum! LOL!

  2. Do we get to see pictures of what you kept from the box??? :o)

  3. I'll have to work on that Katie!
    I'm having trouble keeping up!
    I took the Jubilee Beads- Nice work! The paper beads, the goddess.... feels like I took a lot, but when I re-packed the box, it won't shut until I tape it shut :-)
    I hope I didn't put too many of my beads inside.


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