Saturday, October 2, 2010

Check this out! Xusah!

I just found a really cool Etsy Clothing Designer!
Here she is modeling one of her designs---  Xusah

Shanti and I met during our local Community Day.  I really love our Community Day.  Even though we live in a pretty conjested area of the country, we live in a small borough separate from the bigger town.  We have a small little borough of side walked streets and my home is backed by a farmers field.  During Community Day the entire town has a yard sale.  My younger daughter and I jumped on our 2 person bike and my older daughter jumped on her bike.  It turns out that Shanti's grandmother lives about a block away from us! 

Shanti liked my necklace and I liked the sweater that she was selling in the sale.  We got to talking about etsy and it turns out we both really like each other's shops! 
I think I'm going to get her to make me a Tunic,
one I can wear with Yoga pants and lounge out this winter :-)

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