Saturday, October 23, 2010

Open Studio Blog Party

I think I have set up all my posts for the Open Studio blog party to Automatically post at the correct time.....but I am not 100% sure. 

Everything in my etsy shop has been reduced by 40% off the regular price this weekend only.
Have Fun!


  1. kristie? i dont think your links are workin!

  2. Looking for you! Love the traveling bead box!

  3. Hi, not sure if I am commenting in the right post. Thanks for sharing your beautiful piece in the Bblog event. I'd love to participate.

  4. Love your beads, especially the glass and ceramic combined-very beautiful and unique. Hope I win one of your beads!

  5. I'm not sure either..not seeing anything
    Thanks for being in the tour

  6. Coming in late, but don't see any posts. I must hav missed them.....maybe next year.

  7. oh wow! been waiting for this just to challenge my computer know-how with all these blogs--not really. I WANT THE GIVEAWAYS!!!! LOVE just the recycle part as well as your incredible designs!!

  8. well, it looks like your posts didn't make it to the blog hop event. I love your work anyway. If you are doing a giveaway, please enter my name.
    Erin S

  9. OK Eeeek! What time zone does blogger use? My posts say EST..... In my world that's Eastern Standard time?

    Sorry Friends! Everything is up now!


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