Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Beading Pattern with an Artisan Clay Donut on!

Look at this great Beading pattern that Jennifer Vanbenschoten published today for!
That's one of my Donuts!   Whoot!  ~~We might be famous~~  ;-)

Are you a bead weaver????  Go check it out!  -- Peyote Stitch Bail Free Beading Pattern

Jen used some of my favorite colors to complete her project!   FYI-- That is one of my Large sized donuts.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Kristie! I really, really, really love those donuts of yours. I think I love them more than your cabs. I wound up giving away one of the copper fired ones to a friend of mine who has just started beading (I'm teaching her!), and she just loves them, too. They are just so nice to touch, and they are so lightweight that they are very comfortable to wear, too! More donuts, please!

  2. I love your donuts, too! The pattern looks great. :)


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