Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's new?

Oh boy!!!! What a week Folks! I started off adding this wonderful Fall Colored Cabochon to my etsy shop. Isn't is lovely? Have I told you how much I love Brown Lately? I do! I even traded with an awesome etsy artisan for a new brown hat this week. Check it out-- I also loved so many of her hats, had some they been in brown I would have had to get more!

Seeing Spots Connectors

And then, my Art Bead Scene Challenge Entry was chosen to be the featured design of the week! Now that'll make a girl feel pretty special!

Pea Pod

So where does that lead me? ---To add some more "organic" style pendants and connectors to my etsy shop. I use the word "organic" since that's what the Editors of Beads 2009 called them in the issue. I kinda call them Pods.

Silver Sliver Connector

I am glad I did too, because I didn't have many left in my shop!

Shades of Blue Connectors

I also set up a facebook fan page. Yay!! It's too cool! You should go on over and be a fan of Artisan Clay ;-)

Blue Toggle Shank Button Set

So when I looked over my stash for some "Organic pods" I found some buttons. Yay! Some folks have been asking about buttons here and there. (like my hat-maker)

Color Grid Shank Button Set

and I have seen so many cool buttons on cuffs and bags and more cuffs lately that I have been having designer envy. (I have been dying for those designers to use my previously unavailable buttons in their work)

Shades of Blue Shank Button Set

So I made these three sets of buttons available. Guess what! It worked! As soon as I listed the blue toggle set, a designer I was admiring purchased them! Yoo Hoo! So with the buttons going so fast after I listed them... You know I will be making more. And some with 4 holes like a certain somebody asked so nicely for too!

Not a Cloud in the Sky Wheel Thrown Stoneware Clay and Fused Glass Pendant or Necklace

So I have been busy busy adding new work and the fan page this week. I have also restarted my weekly volunteer position which I love, but I sometimes have trouble getting organized for.
The Big outdoor pottery firing with my Potter's group was rescheduled for this weekend, and I am participating in the Beads-of-Clay Open Studio Blog Event on Sunday starting at 1pm...

Blue Wonder Stoneware clay and recycled glass Pendant or Necklace

You should plan to attend if at all possible! A lot and I mean A lot of Ceramic Bead makers are participating and all are having giveaways and super special sales for the length of the open studio! I think my giveaways will include at least some smokefired beads since I will be smokefiring with my clay group at the same time. Also If all goes well I live up to my promises of photos of my potter's group outdoor firing. Check out the schedule over at the beads-of-clay blog so you can get an idea of the open studio event--

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