Friday, October 16, 2009

Keystone Quilters Annual Show

I had a blast today going to my Mother's Quilt Guild's Show. This Piece above was made by my Mom's dear friend Lynn Lentz. I hear her work is published in a book or two. I love this piece!
There seemed to be a lot in the turquoise-blue-purple range.

This is the center of a full sized quilt made for charity. It was really impressive, but the fabric did all the work and made it look like a much much more complicated piece. Pretty cool! All those stripes make you think that it is many kinds of small pieces, but really it was just one fabric.
These three are my Favorites! This one was made of neck ties and the silkiness of the piece looked really rich.

The picture doesn't do this one justice. It is the most striking black and brown SHARP pointed bed sized quilt. That would do nicely on my bed, Thank you!

I think this one was the best in the show. And I do have a big thing for Pennsylvania Dutch symbols. All the blue was a thin thin applique and the quilting really made the lines a lot higher than the background. I absolutely love it! I would love to add it to my hex sign collection.
So what was the best part of going to the show???? The Boutique/Recycled room of coarse
and what did I buy????
I got a steal on a Serger! and the best vintage thick fabric ribbons for a quarter a bag! and buttons!
and my daughter got a BIG box of ribbon and a ribbon cutter and a couple of ribbon flowers.... You should have seen us walking out glowing over our boxes of loot!
The show was in Quakertown, Pa The Keystone Quilter's Show, Relish the Moment
It is going on tomorrow 10-5 if you are in the area and can make it out.

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