Monday, October 26, 2009

Drum roll Please!

And the Winners Are----- For the second giveaway (pictured first here, LOL) the winner is....
My friend Dave! How did you manage that? It was #25 so I counted 2 for everyone that Let me know something that they would like to see me make or make more of and there it landed, Dave. WOW!! Do you want me to make your pendant into a quick necklace for your lovely wife?
And for the first giveaway.... Marcie! Bella Joya!
When she said---"My favorite item? The copper colored donuts. INCREDIBLE!" she was entered for a second chance and the lucky number was #2! Yay! Marcie... I think your were really rooting for the second giveaway prize, do you think you can settle for this one? ;-)
Thanks everybody!!! I wish I could give you all a prize for being so awesome and giving me such great ideas!

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  1. I suppose I'll have to "settle" for one of your gorgeous pendants in an incredible color scheme which is absolutely perfect for this time of year...oh, well...poor me...what's a girl to do? ;)


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