Saturday, October 17, 2009

October Art Bead Scene Challenge

My big meeting of the pyromaniacs was cancelled for the weekend. So with unexpected time on my hands and yucky yucky wet cold weather outside, I decided to try the ABS challenge. Most of you know how it goes, right? Every month the team over at ABS pick a Challenge painting for us beady folks to try to create a piece in the spirit of the painting. Here is our Folk Art Painting by Ruby C. Williams. Ruby, boy I love that name!
Can you see it? Do you see my "cow" and her Piano? I really enjoyed the inside the gallery page on Ruby's website. It reminded me of my "kiln shed" and I felt it gave a nice window into the Artist's world. Cool Site! Cool Artistic Image she is conveying there.
The bright colors and folkness of the work made me want to use crow beads, bright bright color, and my organic hand formed components.
And look! For all it's folksieness it wears well too! So I will pat myself on the back for attempting a challenge this month, pat, pat... Cause I don't always make time to step outside of my own to-do list and creative box.


  1. love this piece! it is just as playful as the painting - well designed in all ways ... great job!

  2. Thanks you two! It was fun building on my first impression of the painting :-)

  3. Well done! It's so fun and folksy - just like the painting! :)

  4. What a great necklace! It looks as though it was incredibly fun to make ... and obviously will be fun to wear! Great job!

  5. yay kristie! congrats on the abs nod...

  6. Yay! I'm the featured designer of the week!
    Thanks for letting me know!


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