Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Plays with fire

The past four days have been filled with firing new work. I was even able to fire beads at my friends' fall party on Saturday. With a fire like that, how could I resist?
Here is one of the Donuts from Saturday's firing. It's pendant #9 http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=32152786

And here is the flip side of lucky #9. I just love how dark and ghoulish this one came out.
I added this one to my shop this evening as well....and it's already gone... to a very wonderful customer.
And here is the flip side. I really love the markings near the top. I'm sure it will be happy with all it's brother's and sisters at it's new home ;-)
Here is a shot of some of Sunday's firing. I just had to get more donuts in stock when I realized how low my inventory was getting. Of course getting in those new metal donut bail pieces had a little something to do with it! Yesterday and today's electric firings were for a great new customer who asked me to custom make some pendants similar to the pieces I sent out to the Adornments Adored Show at the Baltimore Clayworks. The pendants she had in mind were pretty tricky... and I am having a blast reproducing them. I hope to have them finally done tomorrow, because 2 firings to get the look right is fun, but 3 that's a little bit tiring :-)
PS. If you like any of these clay and glass donuts, please let me know and I can price them out for you, since I may not list many right away, and I know you guys might want them to get ready for the holiday season, and, and, I don't always really need to hoard the beads ;-)


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