Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15! What a day!

October 15th.... Double birthday day! Today is my husband and my mother's birthday! Yay! Double the fun!

My Eco-etsy team also lets me know that today is Blog Action Day.... You know I'm a big old eco-geeko, so I have found a cool link to share. It is Top 20 Ways for Web Developers to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint Mostly it is about common sense and remembering to click that on/off switch when things don't really need to be left on.

Beach Comber Necklace
I have also added some cool new work to my etsy shop The fun halloweenish pendants pictured above are new and so are these two knotted linen necklaces. I made the necklaces in the same mood as two pieces which have already sold in my shop. The Beach Comber replaces my Walk in the Woods Necklace

Evergreen Necklace
And Evergreen replaces the Moss Lover Necklace.
I am very excited about my weekend! I am going to be attending my Potter's Group Outdoor firing extravaganza on Saturday AND Sunday! Whooo Hoooo! It has been so long since I have been able to make it out to the group's events. I miss all my old potter friends, I miss the mud, I miss the flames, I miss the FOOD!
We are going to be firing in 3 different methods, Raku, Saggar, and Horse Hair! I hope to gain tons of new techniques to add to my pit firings. I have some new bead firing racks that I bought from fellow Beads-of-clay member, Barbara Lewis, that I hope will work well for the Potter's group's cooperative firing situation. (no one wants to be a difficult bead maker)

I was hoping to drive down to the Adornment Adored Show in Baltimore tomorrow, but my Mom invited me to come out to her only show for the year tomorrow... and really the closer I get to it, the 6 hrs in the car and having to pull my daughter from class just seems like too much trouble. So I think Sonya and I will meet my Mom for lunch at her show, and see what she and all her friends work so hard at :-)

It is my plan to share photos of the show and of all the flaming fun at the two day firing this weekend... So.... Check back! It should be interesting.

Now I need to make a Birthday Cake!!! ;-)


  1. these are awesome! we have double october bdays in my family too! my mom & brother...then a cousin and i...

  2. Love the new pieces - so very Octoberish!


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