Monday, May 25, 2009

Long time no blog

I have been very slow around the computer his week! I had to wipe out everything on my computer and start from scratch so everything has taken twice the time I am used to. I have still not decided to stay still long enough to load Photoshop onto my computer! The beads and Sun and Picnics have been calling me. Sales have been very slow the past week as well so there wasn't as much keeping me at me desk. Hopefully this week a few more of my jewels will make it into loving hands!

I have also been very busy trying to get some great work made to send out to the Bead and Button Show Early next month and finishing up the ground work for my new made to order Pendants and Cabochons. Here's a photo of the Pendants I photographed to illustrate the color options available in my new line. This design is just under 1 1/2inches round or 3.7cm I will post more photos once I get them cropped! I must have taken 200 photos! Talk about over kill! With no Photoshop on my computer the photo work is piling up!

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Weekend!



  1. Beautiful colors! they all look great together!

  2. Thanks Evelyn! After doing this photoshoot I have been seeing rainbows in everything!

  3. Wow, that is quite a spectrum for glazes. You did a wonderful job getting that many color variants. Good luck at the show!

  4. These are just fantastic (of course I love all your stuff!). Are your pendants traveling to B&B without you?

  5. Heidi, Mellisa Thank you!

    Yes my pendants are traveling to B&B without me. Joan Miller offered to take some of my work to help me figure out if bead shows would be a good venue for me. I wish I could go out to the show but it is not in the plans for this year.

  6. Good luck, I'm sure your stuff will do amazingly at B&B!! Someday I'm going to need to get myself/my stuff there for a real trial. Definitely let me know how it goes!


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