Sunday, May 10, 2009

Having Flashbacks

An old jewelry box was found last week. It was more like it was overturned and spilled to the floor. In the mess I found some fun old pieces of jewelry. You know the ones that were worn day and night, loved to bits and somehow perfectly expressed your style at that particular moment in time. I found this necklace made in the time I was 15-18yrs old. It is a little tighter on me now, LOL, but I had so much fun wearing it and remembering the fun I used to have making these little beaded marbles and loom necklaces. I had made tons of them for myself and family and friends. I just loved the feeling of the marble rolling in a little half circles across my neck and I may just have to pull out my loom and make myself a new choker, I used to love my loom!..... just have to find the time.

Happy Mother's day everyone! I am firing my kiln and hoping for a yummy husband cooked dinner!

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  1. I love this necklace! I remember one year when I was a kid I beaded a bunch of marbles as Christmas ornaments, but I didn't use them in jewelry. I may have to try something like this:) My loom and I still have a torrid affair going on, hehe!


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