Monday, June 1, 2009

What's New?

What's New? -- Lots of things!
I have listed in my etsy shop all 7 of these earring/pendant/drop bead sets today!
I know I have been slow to add new things to my shop and blog these past 2 weeks, but now that my inventory for the Bead and Button Show this weekend is in Joan Miller's capable hands, I'm working hard to refill my shop. Thanks for keeping me busy!
Joan has TONS of my work at the show. If you are going out to the show be sure to shop our work in Booth #15!

First we have the Black with Turquoise rim set


  1. These look like yummy little jam thumbprint cookies!

  2. I love these beads you created and must agree with Mellisa that they look like little sugar cookies filled with wonderful delightful jams and jellies.

  3. Thanks Terri!
    You guys are making me hungry!


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