Friday, May 8, 2009

What mommy wants mommy gets

Here is a part a present I am making for my most wonderful Mother. My Mother gave me a well placed "If you ever get inspired" comment and here they are: garden and nursery markers for her plantings. There sure are a lot of them! Here are some of the larger markers before they have been bisque fired. I have a big 11hr volunteer day tomorrow but hopefully I'll get to get some work into the glaze kiln on Sunday for some "Mother's Day Fun" Sometimes it's a little strange what I find fun!


  1. You are, officially, a good daughter ;)

  2. she will treasure them forever because 1 - you listened to her 2 - you made them 3- they will be beautiful! thoughtfilled in every respect... i second carol!

  3. Thanks Carol and Marie!
    I hope they are what she envisioned.
    She is awesome and She really loves her garden!


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