Monday, May 11, 2009

New Round link sets

I added some new round connectors/pendants...etc to my etsy shop today! I love how they turned out. I was going to make one into a necklace but then I realized that I didn't have any duplicate sets so if I picked a set to string myself I would have less options in my shop. That just wouldn't do so perhaps I can string some examples in the coming weeks. The colors are:
Powder Blue
Black with a turquoise rim
Root beer

I think there are a lot of cool options for these connectors, a wire linked necklace, a tassled pendant, bracelet links... My Mother-in-law thinks they would make great earrings as well. I hope you love them!


  1. I REALLY love them all - your colors are so amazing - puddles of frozen cracked color!!! I want to make a bracelet with one of these new pieces as the focal...
    Now, which color...hmmm...

  2. Thanks Marsha!!

    Your idea sounds great!
    Don't forget, you can always share what you come up with :-)

  3. I got my pieces in the mail from you and ran in to show Dave them... we had a little giggle because the way they were sitting - the two round pieces looked like eyes, and longer piece looked like a mouth... He says: if you put that on a stack of money - it could be the money you could be saving with Geico...

    Such a funny man I married! Such wonderful pieces to now have in my possession! Thanks!!!

  4. That is too funny!

    You can tell him that he can send them back to me- with the stack of money, so that I know what he means. Don't worry I'll return your beads! LOL

    You had me grinning all day!


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