Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fresh out of the kiln

I opened the kiln this morning.

I made a lot of Dot Cabochons.

And these larger Cabochons with the painted rim.

I really like that yummy bleed of color along the edge.  :-)

And check these out!   They are a collaboration between myself and Marla James.....  They are made from the bisque from her Bisque bead supply website.  You have seen her bisque work used by quite a few ceramic artists, but maybe you didn't know it.  :-)

I really like these bright clean colors.  I do love making this style of bead.

And I made some pottery!  I should have spread them out to take photos.  There are tumblers, and serving bowls and one "perfect" soup bowl.  I am going to be taking these pieces to the Accessories Boutique in Bethlehem (next to the Hotel Bethlehem-Moravian Book Store area )  But I felt bad sending them off so soon, so I decided to have a sidewalk sale and let my Facebook friends know about it.  :-)

Sidewalk sales are my kids' FAVORITE thing to do!  As soon as I said it, the kids grabbed their handy work and set up shop with me.  I sat on the porch and the kids sat out by the sidewalk.  Lydia sold 2 butterfly necklaces and Sonya sold 2 of her beads.  :-) 
Then they spent it all at the grocery store.... Belgian Waffles and ice cream for dessert tonight! 

I filled the kiln up again as soon as I emptied it.  I am kicking myself for it.  It's 8pm and I am going to be awake tending it for a while....... But tomorrow morning, when I get to see all my new pottery..... It will be great!


  1. Very nice! I like those cabs, and Marla's pieces came out wtith those glazes. What a great idea on the sidewalk sale!

  2. Todo te ha quedado genial. Besos

  3. Love the colors, everything looks really great!

  4. The bright colors are the best! I love the ones with the dark rims, too. Have fun with your late night kiln dates!


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