Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Christmas Workshop

Last week my friend Beth clued me in on her great Christmas gift idea for her Nana.  She wanted to make a "worry jar" for her...and maybe I could help.   I think that is the perfect gift for Nana.
Here's Beth!  She hasn't made anything in clay since 7th grade when Ivan Belac, a blind potter, came into art class and helped everyone make a pot!  Truth!  Ivan Belac coming into art class in 7th grade is legendary--- he came to so many years of art classes.  Beth's older sister, Debra, myself and Beth span @10 years of art classes at my guess.    That brought back memories.  I think my clay future was carved in Mrs. Barnacks art class.  I used to convince other kids to let me wedge their clay for them.
Here is Beth's work!  Nana's worry jar!  with buttons! 

Here is mine.  We used Sandi Pierantozzi's method--- seen in this video--
Sandi has done workshops with my potter's group, but I never made it to the workshops. This video crossed my path right after Beth's request and I thought it a perfect fit for her worry jar idea. 
I also tried to make a planter for my brother.... I don't know if it is going to work.  He said he saw a narrow linear planter for planting grass... for on your desk.  He said this way back in June or July.   So here it is.  I gave it a try.  We'll see how I feel about it when it is finished and how I feel about looking at it every day while at the office.  The growing grass is supposed to be calming.  I'm thinking Chia pet  ;-)   Beth says it should be made into a Dachshund shaped planter....  I don't know how to attach a head, and I suspect that would loose the Zen effect.... 


  1. The pot is beautiful.
    I must agree that the planter looks a bit like a Dachshund. I thought it was an upside down dog when I first saw the picture.
    I am sure one it is growing grass it will be pretty cool on a desk. Oxygen is a good thing!

  2. Love you both. I think you should make it into a wiener dog. Nana's gonna love it. miss you.

  3. Es una verdadera preciosidad. Besos

  4. nice to see you playing clay again (besides business:)! Love the planter. I think the cylindrical shape is very zen, and will look nice with grass growing out of it. The worry jars ROCK! You guys nailed it! Thanks for sharing, its always fun to see whats going on inside your studio.

  5. love these pieces,Sandi's work is amazing and you have certainly caught that feel..these will be wonderful gifts..i like the long planter,thinking succulents..or moss..which is very pretty, low maintainence too.
    LoL about your class potter first clay experience was Mary Laury,artist,potter and neighbor..i was 5 and hung out there all the time..

  6. Great boxes they remind me of acorns to use for Squirreling away goodies.

  7. I am so excited that you connected to MarshaNealStudios 2nd Saturday post. Love those pots. And thank you for the video. Have a wonderful Holiday.


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