Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Pendant Necklaces

I have added three new pendant necklaces to my etsy shop this week. They range from the quite large and dramatic Dark and Stormy Night Pendant
To the Equally eye catching yet moderately sized Windy Night at the Lake ( my husband is an extremely devoted fisherman. Though I suppose a windy night at the Lake is not a great one for fishing!)

And Last but not least is the Petite Powder Blue Pendant
All three of these pendants come with your choice of necklace cords in which to wear them. Likewise the bail should suit many necklaces you may already have.
All are available in my etsy shop
I am also thrilled with the interest in my feature of the week. There are 4 more days left to claim your super secret surprise! Check my shop announcement for details!
Hope everyone is having a great day out there!


  1. those are some sweet pendants you've got there, great work, i'm going to heart your shop now. fun

  2. Thanks Neilwaukee- I checked out your blogs and shop! Seems like you're an adventurous kind of guy! :-) you have me wanting to light a camp fire. :-)


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